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Feb 18, 2008 02:01 PM

8 for dinner/Sat. eve/KC

8 of us-all grownups want a KCMO (we will be in Plaza, Midtown area) resto for birthday dinner next Saturday where we aren't crushed to death by the crowd and can hear ourselves talk. 2 are vegetarians. Boling's, Aladdin Cafe??
Help please. Thanks.

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  1. Bluestem, BlueBird Bistro (especially good for the vegetarians but good overall).

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      Room 39, if you book in advance. Pangea, as well.

    2. I also like BlueBird Bistro for your group, the vegeterians will be very happy as will as the rest of the diners. Also for a grownup pizza place , try Pizzabella(1810 Baltimore) the pizzas are out of this world, they also have great selection of Antipasta's and pizzas for the vegetarians.

      1. I believe there is a Thai Place down there. I'm not sure if everyone in your party likes thai food, but they will make it spicy to order (i like spice, but i do NOT reccomend surpassing the "medium" level... ever... its ridiculous) and there are lots of vegetarian options, it was one of my favorite places to go during my vegetarian phase

        1. I'd suggest Carmen's in Brookside (sit Upstairs for a nice party of 8) real food, great wine/drinks- some atmosphere - you can chat with each other, linger and eat well.

          1. I would second Pizza Bella's and add Sarah's on Grand. Sarah's might be a little quieter.