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Feb 18, 2008 01:30 PM

Ixtapa mexican rest. in Lexington

Drove past it earlier today. Never been there...I think was there once when it was a Greek restaurant...anyway, looking for feedback. How does it rate with Mexico Lindo?

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  1. Not nearly as good! Several reviews on the board already. It is a mini-chain. We live very near so go there occasionally - the chips are usually warm, and the service is very friendly, but the food is not Angela's level great, or even Forest Cafe level.

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      Agreed. A pleasant neighborhood restaurant that happens to be Mexican.

    2. We went to Ixtapa for the first time for lunch on Saturday. It is very similar to the food at the Acapulco's chain. Good, serviceable Mexican, friendly service, warm chips. Not transcendant, but we'll go back.

      1. Considering the lack of Mexican in the area, Ixtapa is great. Considering the Mexican you can find closer into the city, it's just ok.

        That being said, I did like their mole... but I haven't been to Angela's yet ;)

        1. I've been there around 10 times for lunch figuring that there has got to be something they do well. Well in 10 tries, I never found out what that was.

          1. One has opened recently in Woburn center, too.