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Feb 18, 2008 12:43 PM

Dim Sum in Delaware?

Anyone have any idea where you can get decent Dim Sum somewhere in the area surrounding Chester/Delaware counties in PA and Northern Delaware (North Wilmington)? I used to work in Philly and miss the stuff.


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  1. Going to wath this thread real close. Used in work in Philly myself and then took a job in DE. Really miss the great dim sum within walking distance. inFact, I haven;t found a decent chinese place either. Any suggestions people?

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      The best Chinese I have found in NCCo is Shang Hai (Claymont), but I don't know if they have dim sum. I wrote this place up on the Mid-Atlantic board a few years ago; if you do a search you can find it.

    2. Manderine a margerette kuo restaurant in Frazer PA had dim sum on the weekends, I don't know but some of her other restaurants may too, which might be closer for you. Peking is one in the Granite run mall

      1. As far as Chinese food goes, in Delaware, China Royal is pretty decent (no eggrolls though). There food seems to be fresher and of higher quality than a lot of the other places around. China Royal on Marsh in N. Wilmington. Still hoping someone has a Dim Sum response though! :)

        1. Have you tried the International Buffet in Elsmere? It is by FAR the best buffet I have ever been to (being a young and new foodie, anyway), with a really large selection of foods. The cool thing about it is that the amount of food is at least two-three times more than what you'd normally get at any neighboring places, yet it's fresher than any other place. And I've been at both peak and non-peak hours. They also have multiple sushi chefs making sushi all day long. No dim sum, though, unless you count the one or two tins of shu mai or other small dumplings that they have out on the buffet.