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Best organic restaurants in Santa Cruz??

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Hi all,

I am planning a trip down to the Santa Cruz area from Berkeley this week, and am looking for good organic restaurants that are not solely vegetarian ... a place that uses fresh local organic veggies and organic/natural meats and serves great tasty food is what we're looking for. Thanks! -- Corey

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  1. I don't know SC all that well, except for a taco truck here and there.

    I do like Charlie Hong Kong a healthy fast food joint. They have organic veggies.

    The opposite price range Gabriella Cafe is a charming spot that has mostly sustainable local sources. I have not been here for a long time so I cannot say if it has held up or not.

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      I'll have to disagree w/ you on Charlie Hong Kong. They do use organic veggies, but the food is just not that tasty, varied, or prepared w/ care IMO. They do have a local following and I like the concept and the fact that it's in my neighborhood, but it just doesn't work for me...

      Nice sit-down places doing the organic/local/natural thing:
      Ristorante Avanti on Mission in westside
      Soif in downtown
      La Posta on Seabright in eastside
      Gabriella Cafe on Cedar in downtown (I haven't been since new chef)

    2. Lots of reports on Santa Cruz on the California board: