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Feb 18, 2008 12:12 PM

Casual Restaurant with Child-light patio

Okay, I'm going to get slammed, but hey, if it's okay to ask where you can go that's child friendly, I'm going to risk it and ask the opposite. Here are my places to go eat with a nice patio where I'm in little or no danger of having my meal disrupted by the "little darlings" that haven't been tought how to behave in public...(I'm sticking to my neck of the woods, but would love to hear options anywhere, seeing as how the weather's getting to be patio time).

My favorite, before they renovated and blocked in the patio, was Eddie V's north. Even though they were in a parking lot, on a nice day it was a great place to enjoy a rasberry martini on the patio, have some outstanding appetizers and people watch. (still an okay place for happy hour)

Second place would have to be SXSW. Great patio, good music, decent food and drink.

Billy's on Burnett. Again, on a parking lot, but still an okay patio and I love the wings.

Cafe Bleu in Volente. Excellent patio, excellent food, perfectly calming in every way.

I think Chuy's North finally heard the outcry of its patrons and is trying to get obvlious parents to control their kids by putting up signs that say no free chips and sauce to kids that go free-range. They're also trying hard to seat the adults in back and let the families be up front, which is considerate. Yeah Chuy's for at least taking the first step! I wish more restaurants would be bold and make the dining experience pleasant and safe for everyone.

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  1. Here! Here!
    Texican Cafe has a nice patio for HH. Nothing fancy foodwise, but you can have a margarita with munchkins cruising around.

      1. Dear AmySue,

        Those of us with kids, used to be childless and understand your pain. Most of us get it, trust me. So, that said, I will tell you the places I would not feel comfortable taking my kids.
        --Any place that is mostly "bar" and less restaurant (really any place that I would anticipate that people would be there for drinking rather than eating)
        --Any place after 7pm that would require them to be quiet (those are date night places)
        --Any place that would break the budget (more than $20 per entree)--why would we want to spend that out on a frenzied night with kids??

        That said, patios often seem like a good choice for a family. Kids generally behave outside better than inside--there's more to look at? fresh air? I dunno... I would never take my kids to Eddie V's although I enjoy it with my husband and friends. We do go to Shady Grove, Whole Foods, Phil's IceHouse, the Oasis (they love the view.)

        My kids, all FOUR of them, tend to be well behaved because we have taught them how to behave when we are in public. If they are not using their best manners, they are promptly removed from any situation. Blame the lame parents, not the kids.

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        1. re: danoc

          Couldn't agree more and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being one of those few parents who enforce the behave or remove law. I agree the above places are fair game and I enter at my own risk. Might I also add Waterloo Icehouse on 2222 and 360. Absolutely kid/family friendly.

          That being said, would you think the patio at Jorge's on Hancock would qualify?

        2. I've never been to Jorge's so I'm not sure. I have been to the one in Midland, I've heard they're related...true?

          Generally, if it's got a nice patio and they serve mostly food, not drink, we would try it for a weekend lunch or early dinner (like 5-6pm.) Later at night, you're clear, at least from our kids!!!

          1. No slamming from me!
            I've brought my toddler to Jorge's (I don't remember a patio there). The waitstaff were nice and put us in a room by ourselves. ;)
            How about El Chile? That's a child-unfriendly deck IMO. I would never bring my child there; that's the kind of place I go to escape children!