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Feb 18, 2008 11:54 AM

Worth the splurge? Dual Fuel Double Oven Range

I am afraid that I may fall victim to the President Day sales over a Jenn Air Freestanding Dual Fuel Double Oven Range. It is listed online at Home Depot for $1,439. I am wondering if I should take the plunge on this high ticket item. Has anyone purchased this range? Also, what's the deal with convention oven? I have never used on and don't have a clue!

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  1. I don't have this particular range, but I have a dual fuel range and it is dreamy - I will never not have one again if I can help it! I never use the convection oven option, though - for the stuff I cook it doesn't seem to save that much time, and I'm afraid that it'll mess up my cookies, cakes and other delicate stuff 'til I get the hang of it.

    1. I own a Kenmore dual fuel, double oven range and I love it. The second oven is more like a mini-oven, but the main oven is a standard size (so you don't have to worry about full size cookie sheets fitting). Depending on what I'm cooking, I'll use either the convection setting (roasts, chicken, etc) or the regular (mostly baked goods where timing is important).

      The small oven is useful for making veggie side dishes or even holding other dishes while your main entree is cooking at a higher temp in the oven. I also use the small oven for baking just 4 cookies or a mini pan of brownies so I don't have to heat up the large oven. Some wold argue that if you have a toaster oven, you don't need the small second oven, but I love it anyway.

      One thing to note: if your existing range is all gas, you may need to install a high-voltage electrical outlet to accomodate the electrical connection on the dual fuel range.

      Okay, I looked up the Jenn-Air model and it looks like the second oven is the same width, just shorter in height. I think that second oven would be more useful than the one on my Kenmore (but I like the Kenmore because of the extra width on the range). The main oven on the Jenn Air looks slightly smaller, so I'd go look at it in person to compare it to a standard oven space. It may make a difference if you're roasting a large turkey!

      1. i just bought a kitchen aid duel fuel range can't wait to use it for the first time. and convention oven is where there is a fan that blows the hot air through the whole oven so it creates even cooking as long as you don't have it covered, things will cook fast but not all directions for oven cooking are in convention yet so check if your range can have the option of normal or convention or find a way to convert time and temp

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yes, I found this one: RICHMOND550DF

            but it is a U.K. product. Anyone seen anything similar here? Or anyone know about importing a product like this?