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Feb 18, 2008 10:46 AM

Freezing uncooked (raw) rice

Is there a difference between the taste and texture of rice after its been stored in the freezer?

Does freezing raw rice change its texture or taste once it's been cooked?

In other words, anyone ever compare the taste and texture of rice that's never been frozen versus rice that's first been frozen then cooked?

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  1. No, never... but I have stored rice in the refrigerator during summer months without hurting it and protecting from bugs...

    But wait, here's a thought: rice was meant to keep for a year, to feed people during winter months when other food sources were frozen (well, in colder asian climates); so I can't imagine it would hurt...

    Why not just double bag or put in airtight containers to store?

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      I want to avoid bugs and critters ... that's why I'm freezing.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I store my rice in the fridge for the same reason. Never tried freezing it, but I know when I lived in Korea people kept it in the barn over the winter - and that meant it was going thru some freeze/thaw cycles in early and late winter.

      2. re: oryza

        I tried putting rice in an airtight container. It doesn't work. After awhile sitting on the shelf it comes from the rice. The bug looked like it was hatching and the egg or shell was actually the grain of rice and not coming from my cubboard.

      3. Somewhere I ran across info that indicates you should freeze brown rice, because of the oils in the whole grain, much as you would refrigerate whole grains. Or maybe, you should refrigerate the uncooked brown rice. At any rate, when I bought some really big packages of the quick cooking Nishiki brown rice, I froze them. IOver time I've cooked one bag and had good results. If I bought really big bags of white rice, I would probably freeze them too, if I had room in my freezer.

        1. I have left rice at the cabin and it gets into the teens (inside), didn't notice a difference.

          1. I've seen no difference between previously frozen and fresh for raw Thai sticky rice (a long grain white rice). However, on white Thai Jasmine rice that has been stored for a long time, the cooking properties slowly change. The cooked grains seem less fragile if it is older. I believe this is not due to the freezer, but to age. But I can't say for sure. It is possible that the freezer retards or accelerates the changes due to age in Jasmine.

            Returning to the sticky rice, I soak and then steam my sticky rice, and it is possible that the frozen batch took more or less time. That is not something I would have noticed. The cooked result was just as translucent and sticky.

            1. I have frozen rice before and it seemed fine to me when I used it.