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Feb 18, 2008 10:23 AM

live long OR enjoy food

would you rather eat tofu and no fat no taste food ( as a foodie type person ithink it like living in hell) and live to be 86
or eat anything and everything ( i am not talking about eating your self to 400 lbs) with no care about cal. chol. fat etc JUST CARE ABOUT TASTE but... die at 68

my vote is 68

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  1. The latter. Even if you make it 58.

    1. eat anything and everything. No hell on earth for me(so Ill keep up my steady diet of rare prime beef, crab legs, bbq pork, whole milk, heavy cream fried foods, butter, tequilla, & beer).

      I'd rather be dead rather than the prospect of choking down tofu, or a vegetarian diet. Or god forbid a diet that does not allow pork for some odd reason.

      1. Anything and everything!

        You might even live longer than 68 simply because you'd be happier.

        1. I love tofu (deep fried is good!) so I guess I'll be happy and live longer. Tofu gets a bad rap.

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          1. re: Humbucker

            The whole notion that only greasy unhealthy food is tasty, is a bum rap. I get really tired of this false dichotomy.

            1. re: cmkdvs

              I'd vote for the 68 and up until recently I've been in the eat anything and everything camp. Then during a doctor visit I had borderline high blood pressure and that put a different spin on things. I now pay attention to how much sodium I consume and as such have started to avoid a lot of processed foods. I've been making a lot more things from scratch and they taste so much better than processed! I still eat food for the taste, but find myself being a bit more careful in my selections and I'm still happy! No if I had to radically shift to nearly no sodium, very low fat, low sugar diet, then I think I would be miserable.

              1. re: Rick

                That's the best of both worlds and smart.

                1. re: Rick

                  I hear you buddy, but I'm diabetic, and the sugar thing had to stop. But, amazingly, I went on the low carb diet (no rice, no spuds, only whole wheat pasta, maybe one or two slices of whole wheat bread a day), and my blood sugar numbers went through the floor. I take half the meds I used to take, my numbers are great, and at 51, I'm looking at another 20 years, which should let me meet my grandchildren!

                  Do I miss ice cream, cake, doughnuts, and my wife's amazing cookies? Absolutely. Is it worth it to have an extra few years with my incredible daughters? ABSOLUTELY!!

                2. re: cmkdvs

                  Not all fat is bad for you, the notion that deep fried or just fried food is "unhealthy" is just plain wrong. There are many variables in the equation. Sugar and flour are the bad guys.

              2. Well I'm 61 and I really do want to live long enough to see my grandson (to be born in April) graduate college. And my husband who had bypass surgery in 2000 and had to cut back his caloric intake, is alive and healthy, and I want him around for a long time. We did change our diet, and we really did increase our exercise, although we are not perfect practitioners of an absolutely healthy lifestyle.

                Some of us have inherited tendencies toward diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. If we eat anything w/o regard to health we might deprive our dependents and loved ones of our presence in their lives; also our last years could be difficult for us and our caregivers because we did not take care of ourselves when we were younger.

                And there's this: eating healthy can be really delicious!