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Jan 11, 2002 03:55 PM

michelia---my first impression

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I really enjoyed a lunch I had here a week ago. I had the beef sandwich, with cucumbers, daikon, etc and had no complaints. Has anyone been for dinner? I would love any impressions or advice you have....

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  1. I havent heard of Michelia. Where is it and what kind of food do they do?

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      Amanda Luftman

      We have eaten at Michelia's numerous times - it's Vietnamese and it is outstanding food - especially for the price! It's a husband/wife team, she's the chef, he runs the restaurant. She can REALLY cook - the shrimp and crab are delicious but nothing is as good as the shrimp & green papaya salad. They have a number of lunch specials, and dinner is not that expensive either - definitely a serious recommendation!