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Feb 18, 2008 09:29 AM

Farmer Bar- Cutchogue-CLOSED!

Out on the North Fork this Saturday & hoping to enjoy the same good barbeque we had this summer, but sadly, we discovered that Farmer Bar is closed with a For Sale sign posted. Anyone know if they have plans of relocating???? Their pulled pork sandwich was awesome!

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  1. GlendaleGal; thanks for the information. We loved their ribs. It was a great place!

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      I had already heard last summer that they were going to close. Even though they did fantastic business, apparently the owner had financial problems...I know they had opened a 2nd restaurant about 2 years ago that failed......

    2. I never understood the appeal of this place. I went there twice and the first time was so disappointing. We did try a second time hoping the first visit was just an off night for the place.

      The BBQ'd meats were OK but I have had much better. By local comparison, if Smokin Al's if 4 out of 4 stars, the Farmer Bar was not better than 2 1/2. The sides were crummy as well - the mac and cheese was just mush, and what was advertised as "a mountain of cole slaw" was more like a thimbleful. The sandwiches came on White Castle size buns. They even poured me a flat Guinness. We were really hoping to love this restaurant because the family has a place out on the North Fork and there's not a whole lot of dining choices out there, plus we are 'cue fans to boot, but they really disappointed us. Anybody who liked their BBQ platters must not have ever spent any time in the South.