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Feb 18, 2008 09:24 AM


Going tomorrow night for first time. Wanted to go at least once in my life BEFORE the big move.Yes, its a big birthday and I hope L'Espalier can take the sting away a bit? Anyone been recently? What's not to be missed on the menu. Tend to favor seafood but will eat anything if its great!

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  1. Be adventurous. Try types of foods you wouldn't try somewhere else. Let your preconceptions about ingredients at the door. Trust the chef, he will reward you for it.

    1. Went my first time last year - just go for it and do the tasting menu. And order all those things that's you've read about but never eaten. You'll have fun - its not as intimidating a place as I thought it will be. And while for months you'll think back and say to yourself "did I really spend that much money on one meal" you'll also remember it was worth it. No place else like it!

      1. and a plug for their prix fixe lunch menu which is generous, innovative, and worth the 30.00 dollars.

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          That's true, but lunch is actually reasonable enough that it's affordable even without the prix fixe, esp. if you're not a dessert eater, like I'm not...

        2. Please DO report, as I am having a big birthday there very soon, too with a pretty big gift certificate!

          I looked at their current menu online and want everything.

          1. I would do the degustation or chef's tasting journey if you can afford it. I haven't had a bad dish there but the foie gras and cheese tray are not to be missed.