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LA Area or So Cal Food Festivals

Does anyone know of any LA area food festivals and when they are? I know that there is a crawfish festival in Long Beach every year (I would even count that as LA area) and am wondering if there are others that you hounds know of.

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  1. Indonesian Food Festival, every Saturday morning at the Duarte Inn parking lot. Anymore authentic and you'd need a passport.


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      Right on. This is exactly the type of thing im looking for. Thank you.

    2. I've heard of the artichoke fest, the strawberry fest and the salsa fest. I went to the salsa fest in Oxnard once. It was okay. I don't know when these take place, though. Maybe others can chime in to help. :)

          1. theres got to be a ton of these festivals because the links that ellisainplaya and wutzizname posted list a ton of festivals, but there are others that i know of (like the long beach crawfish festival) that arent even on those lists.
            This is great though. Lets try to put together a really comprehensive list.

            1. Six pages long with photos and links to various food festival websites. From the LA Times:


                1. Hokkaido Fair at Mitsuwa:


                  I know vundereater exilekiss sensei usually breaks this kind of news but he's been MIA again (what dastardly food-face off is he piling stats on right now?) so I'd better announce this now. While dropping in at the Torrance store, I noticed a series of food prep counters being set up in the area adjacent to the check stands. They're starting tomorrow - Thursday - and running until Sunday. Looks like I missed it by that much...

                  One more note: It's been a little while since my last visit at this Mitsuwa and noticed that the Minamoto Kicchoan had vanished. Their line of confections, along with many other medium to high end confections are now being marketed by J Sweets. It's a huge space with an extensive counter and numbers of displays. If you're looking for a unique food gift, this is a great place to start.

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                      My pleasure. I should also post Mitsuwa's Umaimono Gourmet Fair coming up at the end of next month as well:


                      As this announcement states, there's no details yet. But keep this one in mind. If I recall, this is the one that gets a lot of hounds excited.