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Feb 18, 2008 08:57 AM

LA Area or So Cal Food Festivals

Does anyone know of any LA area food festivals and when they are? I know that there is a crawfish festival in Long Beach every year (I would even count that as LA area) and am wondering if there are others that you hounds know of.

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  1. Indonesian Food Festival, every Saturday morning at the Duarte Inn parking lot. Anymore authentic and you'd need a passport.

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      Right on. This is exactly the type of thing im looking for. Thank you.

    2. I've heard of the artichoke fest, the strawberry fest and the salsa fest. I went to the salsa fest in Oxnard once. It was okay. I don't know when these take place, though. Maybe others can chime in to help. :)

          1. theres got to be a ton of these festivals because the links that ellisainplaya and wutzizname posted list a ton of festivals, but there are others that i know of (like the long beach crawfish festival) that arent even on those lists.
            This is great though. Lets try to put together a really comprehensive list.