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Feb 18, 2008 08:37 AM

Keeping prepared pizza doughs

In a couple of weeks we will have our kids and grandkids come down from Juneau arriving at 5:00 PM. The grandson (5) is to have a birthday party and we are going to be all ready and there will be a total of 8 adults and 2 kids in a small house. I am thinking: pizza because once the mis is done it's un-messy and quick.

Question: How best to keep pizza dough that has risen and been rolled out. I would like to make the rolling part of the mis as well. Between towels? wax paper? ??? The amount of "keep" time would likely be up to 2 hours.

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  1. My experience with pizza doughs is this.
    Pizza dough can be kept frozen in plastic bags, the dough for one "pie"in each bag. Set on the counter in the bag, they thaw in an hour or so, and warm to room temp in another half hour. They are MUCH easier to work, at room temp or slightly chilled than when they start rising again. It took me maybe 2 minutes to shape each into it's size and shape.
    Making it in advance and putting in the fridge, I turn the ball of dough over in some oil, then into the bags, not closed, but JUST the opening turned under, so the dough has room to rise. I use the bags from the produce dept of the grocery store. Same method, a half hour on the counter and 2 minutes shaping. It's FAR easier than trying to freeze or refrigerate any other way.
    Now, stacking the way you want? about greased plastic wrap or waxed paper between the layers? And keep it cool, if you have a place to put them. Otherwise, they'll start to rise again, and be a pain to deal with.
    Maybe lightly bake them individually, before you'll need them, for 5 minutes...the way you'd pre-bake brown and serve rolls....
    I think I'd rather shape them just before using, if it can be arranged.


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      I hadn't thought of pre-baking. Just enough to 86 the yeast so that rolled rounds will behave. Probably will give enough resistance to sticking as well. Great. I am going to bake them on commercial pizza bottoms. That way I will be able to make them up keeping ahead of the game.