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Feb 18, 2008 08:28 AM

22nd and park ave south

where are good places to eat around here

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  1. What kind of food and what price range? There are a number of good places in the area like Giorgio's of Gramercy, Casa Mono, Giorgio's of Gramercy, Via Emilia, Shake Shack, etc.

    1. Los Dos Caminos is around that area too. Nice to stop for a drink even if you don't want dinner there,.

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      1. re: synergy

        You're mixing up to restaurants: Los Dos Molinos, a tex-mex place on 18th and Dos Caminos, a Mexican/new American on Park South. The latter is better for a drink, which I think you meant.

        1. re: jakew8

          (laughing at self) looks like I merged the name of both restaurants. Thanks for the correction jakew8. :-)

      2. My favorites in that neighborhood are Punch, Park Avenue Bistro, and Eleven Madison Park. Check web sites or Menupages to see if they fit your price range.

        1. Gramercy Tavern for drinks and more!