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Looking for some suggestions as to a good brunch location for Easter Sunday.

Anywhere in the <New Haven - Middletown - New London> triangle is perfect.

If you have been there - let me know the price range!


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  1. My recommendation is La Luna on Route 1 in Branford. I'd call for reservations. Not sure of price. It's a buffet and the food is really good. The phone # is 203-483-9995. Their website is Lalunact.com

    1. If you can stretch your triangle a bit, you could consider the Seaman's Inne in Mystic.


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        You might want to check on Seaman's Inne. Last I heard it was closed for rehab. Drove by it today and it didn't look open. I agree with ctcomfort: Saybrook Point Inn is fantastic, but $$$$.

      2. Sunday champagne brunch at Foxwoods is pricey (around $50), but really the best in the area. Sunday champagne brunch at Mohegan Sun ($38.95 the last time we went) was smaller, but solid as well. Both have raw clams and oysters. If you are a raw bar fan , handled much better at Foxwoods and more like an after thought at MS. Never been, but have heard good things about Waters Edge Sunday brunch ($31).


        1. Saybrook Pt Inn- bring your $$$$$ but worth it

          1. Donovan's Reef in Branford has a great Sunday Brunch....don't know if they are doing Easter though.

            1. Grassy Hill Country Club does Easter Brunch with different seating times. You need to call to reserve a table. www.grassyhillcountryclub.com

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                I've always liked the brunch at the Inn at Mystic/Flood Tide. Not crazy expensive, great food (and view.) They seem to close for renovations quite often, and I would make reservations.


              2. Are there any updates to this thread? thank you

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                  Heirloom in The Study Hotel in New Haven is great.

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                    I'll have to remember that for, um, next April.

                2. Two other recommendations Water's Edge in Westbrook and Gabrilles in Centerbrook. Both have very good brunches. Both are moderately priced.