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Feb 18, 2008 06:43 AM

Montreal restaurant recs for 50-person wedding?

I am getting married in Montreal this fall and am looking for a place to have a wedding for about 50 guests. We lived in Montreal several years ago so we're familiar with the city but have lost track of the restaurant scene.

In terms of location, we are thinking along the lines of the Plateau or Little Italy although we're open to anywhere. The type of cuisine is also unimportant, but we're going to have a couple of vegetarians in the group so places that are meat-centric or, for example, very traditional French are probably out. We're looking for something unpretentious but pretty and, most importantly, a place with EXCELLENT food and some nice wines. Nothing too formal or fancy or over-thought. We're willing to spend $$ for a great place, but we don't want it to be outrageous either.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!

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  1. I was really happy with Auberge le Saint-Gabriel. My wedding reception was a cocktail-dinatoire for 48 people, held in the dining room. It was lovely and many people have commented to us about how amazing the food was. The staff there were excellent to work with.

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      I should also note that my wedding ceremony was also at the Auberge, but in the Dulong room.

    2. Howdy!

      The Lion d'or / Petit Extra combo sounds like it would fit your bill.

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        I've worked at many weddings and other private events at the Lion D'or, and would definitely recommend it if you have the cash (It isn't cheap to rent out.) I haven't set foot in the place for over a year now, so you might want some more recent feedback.

        Another place that is great for weddings (provided the weather is semi-decent) Is Bicce. They are a bit overpriced, but the food is pretty good, and they have a lot of experience with weddings.

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          I had a very overpriced, underwhelming meal at Bice and I'd never go back. It's a "see and be seen" place in my opinion.

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            I agree that they are overpriced as a restaurant, but they do wedding receptions / catering very well.

      2. My wedding was for 60 people and we had it at the Restaurant du Vieux Port. I also had some vegetarians in the group, but they offered beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian options in the menu, guests choose on that day since its a restaurant and not a catered hall. I can't tell you the number of compliments I got! I would do it again in a heart beat.
        Here's the website in case:

        1. I'd steer clear of the resto du vieux port, the food is very ordinary, and not that well executed.

          1. I had a blast at a wedding reception held at Mythos, which is up on Parc. The place is Greek, so there are loads of veggie options. It was a fairly small gathering so there were other diners in the place, and by the end of the night they were sending us wine and coming to dance with us between the tables.

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              if you have 60 ppl or more, Chez Queux is where we had our wedding reception. they have an upstairs reception hall but they did require a minimum of 60. it was absolotley lovely. it's got such a great atmosphere to it. not just another white reception hall. and the food was good too. not expensive either...$35 a person before drinks for a 4 course service..we served quail.