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Feb 18, 2008 06:37 AM

Where can I find Cheese Popcorn?

Hi people, I'm looking for good cheese popcorn from somewhere in the GTA. I am craving something with intense cheese flavor, No Kernels recommendations please. I am used to Garrett's popcorn from Chicago which is amazing. Your supposed to mix the caramel and chesse and eat together. ITS AMAZING best popcorn in the world which you can order online. but its so expensive. Please Help. Thanks people.

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  1. DOES anyone know where to find this stuff???

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    1. re: mlukan

      I dont think we have anything like Garretts. Few cities do. Unfortunately the best cheese popcorn we have is probably Smart Food....sorry to report.

      1. re: mlukan

        I forgot about my Garrett's love until just now... haven't seen anything like that in Toronto.

        I feel your pain.


      2. you might want to have a look for this stuff: I've seen it in a few high end grocery stores downtown tho I'm not sure they carry all the flavours. You can ship it in if you're really desperate ;


        I've tried the original flavour and it's a mix of salty and sweet - not bad but I've had better.

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          Ya they sell it at dominion and I buy it whenever im hurting for kettle corn but I have never seen the cheddar flavor. If I was to go as far as ordering it I would just order Garret's. If you see cheddar anywhere let me know. Thanks for your reply

        2. Try Pusateri's Avenue Road location for the smoked chedder flavor although it's not always there. I've had it and became slightly addicted but lately, I'm finding that it's a bit too salty.

          1. Sorry man, but there is nothing compared to Garrett's in Toronto. Garrett's set the bar quite high. Now, I want some of that cheese and caramel corn