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Feb 18, 2008 06:18 AM

The Truth About Robert Irvine?

Interesting article yesterday about Robert Irvine in the St. Pete Times (Florida). It's more of an investigative piece about his reputation and some of his prior statements, but I am not sure which side to believe. Regardless, it's a hot topic in this area, since his two restaurants are slated to open in downtown St. Pete, one of these days. I've never met the guy, but I do enjoy his "Dinner Impossible" show from time to time.


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  1. Wow. I smell a rat. Too much inconsistencies in his tories for the allegations to be completely false.

    I always wondered how he had the time to do all of this stuff and how did a brit get to be the chef at the White House? I know German pastry chefs and French execuetive chefs have worked at the White House, but he doesn't have a distinct specialty to justify that.

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      I really hate to hear all that about Robert Irvine. While some of it may be false, the article does smack of the truth. I love Dinner Impossible though and watch it as often as I can catch it. I can see where he could be a PITA to work with as he does lose his temper on DI. LOL it always makes me laugh when he plans out a menu to a "T", goes out shopping for the food, and always forgets something important, like one dish calls for hamburger and guess what, no one thought to get any hamburger. I do hope he can get his act together. He stands to gain nothing by lying. Look what happened to JAG on the last Food Network Star.

    2. I can't decide if that boy needs a good lawyer or a psychiatrist.

      1. It kind of makes you wonder what he told the Food Network before he got his show.

        1. I know it's usually not overly difficult to slip one by the HR department when you're giving a CV but you'd think they'd check the stars of these shows a little more carefully before putting all that nonsense on the show's title itself... I mean there aren't that many of them and those places I'm sure have lots of documentation.

          1. Well, he did get beat in a "cook off" by Guy Fieri on one of the FN shows.( Even though the judges were teenage kids). Sigh.