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Feb 18, 2008 06:12 AM

How to remove melted, then hardened plastic, from cast iron?

I put a hot pot on a plastic cutting board last night. Not realising that the plastic had melted & adhered to the bottom of the pot, I place the pot on a cast iron stove top. This morning the plastic has hardened & formed a white film on the cast iron. Does anyone know how to remove it safely? Thanks.

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  1. Peel off as much as you can and then put the pot in the oven turn the oven on and let it burn off.
    When I think about this, maybe we should have some input from a fire fighter.

    1. Try a heat gun for stripping paint. Or a propane torch. I don't think I'd try it in the oven. Then you might have to get advice on how to get it out of your oven.

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        I was thinking of a self cleaning oven.

      2. i think i'd be reaching for a belt sander or an angle grinder :P

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        1. re: marcopolo

          Pop it in the freezer and see if it chips off.