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Feb 18, 2008 06:09 AM

Best steak / steakhouse in Asheville

Which place has the greatest, juiciest steak in Asheville?

And does Asheville have an old-fashioned steakhouse? I don't mean a "Western"-themed place with horns on the wall. I mean darkly-lit, cigar-smoke, cocktails, Mafia-type place. With creamed spinach and decadent artery-busting side dishes on the menu. Plates heaping with steak and lobster. Big private booths where you can hardly see or hear the other people.

I know the two answers might be different. The best steak may be at one place, and then the type of steakhouse I am talking about, if it exists here, might be a different place.

Every time I think about splurging a little and getting a steak, or if someone comes in from out of town and I want to get them a steak, I am at a loss. Any advice?

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  1. frankie bones is probably the closest thing to what you describe (except cigar smoke). be forewarned, however, that fb is over-priced and inconsistent (order your steak less done than you actually want it). i've been there a handful of times, and can't recommend it unless someone else is paying. pastas are downright bad, most proteins have been good (i like the coffee-marinated ribeye). waitstaff has been good, management has been contrite and quick to comp for mistakes. despite it being, in my mind, a more adult atmosphere, there have been a lot of kids (mostly well-behaved) at fb each time i've been there.

    as to the best steak in asheville, i don't know that there is one. i've had good steaks from a number of places, but none that were spectacular, and none have proven consistent. poplar lodge in h-ville used to be very good (the type of place that would wheel out a hunk of meat & let you pick the part/size you want), but it's been years since i've been there. i had an excellent ribeye at flatrock grill, but everything else there was bad, and it was quite pricey. i kinda hate to say it, but in terms of consistency and execution, though not quality, outback has been the best.

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    1. re: mark

      Thanks for your awesome and helpful replies as usual.

      But I discern from your reply that there is neither an establishment serving a consistently great steak, nor a consistent old-fashioned decadent steakhouse, in our still-developing city.

      That place in Hendo you talked about sounds like the best bet. Wheel out the meat and let you pick the part/size you want... yes, sounds like a serious, real steakhouse.

      1. re: Budget Palate

        a quick google indicates poplar lodge is still around, but is affiliated with kelsey's & binions. it's been ten years (at least) since i was there last. make what you will of their affiliation with two decidedly lesser joints.

        1. re: mark

          I am not familiar with kelsey & binion's. What other lesser joints do they have?

          1. re: Budget Palate

            kelsey's is a h-ville institution. think about a half step up from applebees.

            binions is a bottom-of-the-barrel "steakhouse" chain. they specialise in tough cuts of low grade meat. my assumption is that binions' supplier cleans up at sysco at the end of the day and whatever ends up in the dust pan goes to binions.

            1. re: mark

              I hesitate to suggest this, because I have never thought much of their food, but both my parents and my best friend's steak-eating husband think that Grove Park's Chops restaurant has good steak. Have you ever been there?

    2. 45 mins away is Chop House 47 in Greenville SC. Great steaks, great wine and CIGAR selection. ( normally bring my own stogies) Very expensive but I think it is what you are looking for. Nice, dark, mafia style place.

      It will be worh the trip from Ashville.

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      1. re: JB BANNISTER

        Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

        For some reason I don't think to drive down that way, but it might be worth it. I would probably combine it with something else to do down there, make a half-day or day of it.

      2. there is a new steakhouse coming downtown to the location of the old S&W building, called "steak and wine" not sure when it is slated to open, but every time I walk by the construction is well underway. Not sure what the atmosphere is going to be like though. i have had ( well my SO actually) consistently good steak from Vigne. While they are not a steakhouse, and only offer I cut ( I think), he did remark that it was the best steak he had in years. However, not sure if the sides are what you were looking for.

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        1. re: WNCfoodie

          The new steakhouse in the S&W sounds promising, very promising.

          My question was two-part, so if Vigne has the best steak in town regardless of sides/atmosphere, I would go. Been meaning to try it anyway. (Yes, I read Raskin's article on it.) Just hoping it is not too thick with snotty atmosphere.

          1. re: Budget Palate

            I remember that review...thick with everything but the food.