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Feb 18, 2008 06:03 AM

BBQ near the Ford Theater?

In a couple weeks I am going to see Wicked at 8pm in Chicago and my boyfriend loves bbq. I tried searching to find a place near the Ford but I did not have any luck. If anyone has an recommendations please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!

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  1. Carson's is less than a mile away. It's a "casual fine dining" (i.e. white tablecloth) restaurant, serving delicious barbecue ribs, dipped in sauce and then slow-hickory-smoked with a nice tug on the bone, as well as other barbecue items (e.g. pork chops, chicken, shrimp), excellent charcrust steaks, etc. Sides are also excellent, including twice-baked potatos and the best cole slaw in the world.

    612 N. Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60610
    (312) 280-9200

    1. a couple of favorites are:

      Honey 1
      2241 n. western

      Honey 1 is about 5 miles away from the Ford

      3800 n. pulaski

      Smoque is about 8 miles away from the Ford

      real bbq, cooked in a smoker. Honey 1 is byob so that saves $$$

      glad to help out a fellow sox fan

      go go white sox..