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Finding Cadbury Flake candy bar in Boston area?

I'm looking for a local source of the Cadbury Flake candy bar so I can serve some 99's on St. Patrick's Day (those of you who have traveled in the UK and Ireland will know what a 99 is). Does anyone know where I can buy some Flakes in the Boston area, or by mail order?


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  1. I've seen them in the "International Aisle" at Shaw's....

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      Me too, specifically the ones in Brighton and Allston. I've also seen them at Cardullo's.

    2. maybe sugar heaven on newbury street?

      1. Faneuil Market on Fanueil Street in Brighton has them.

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          I'm guessing that KiKi's Market right across the street does, too. They are an Irish market, and carry just about all things Cadbury.

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            They definitely have them at Kiki's. While you are there you can pick up some Galtee bangers and black and white pudding.

              1. re: yumyum

                Just last week I had those bangers and the black pudding from Kiki's (in the frozen section in case you start wandering around the store). Both were delicious.

                1. re: heypielady

                  Some places freeze the rashers (Irish bacon) and I don't think they're supposed to do that.

                  Also, you should find the Time Out and Flake bars at alllocations.

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                    Kiki's has Galtee bacon in the fridge case, but I believe it is imported frozen. If you want fresh, you need to get the "Olde Irish Butcher shoppe" local product (pretty good for bacon, although salted more to American tastes, doesn't compare for sausage) also available at Kiki's. Both Kiki's and Farmer's Bounty have boiling bacon too (at the latter its frozen).

          2. Cardullo's in Harvard Square had them last time I checked.

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              Cardullo's is your best bet. They charge a little bit more, but they almost always have them (as well as most other British candy makes).

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                I was in Cardullo's over they weekend, they definitely have Flakes.

              2. Any grocery store in South Dorchester and South Boston has them

                1. Yeah, both the Bailey's in South Boston have TONS of british/irish candy. Actually, the Bailey's on W. Broadway has a big box of various flake candy on sale.

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                    Does Bailey have Malteser too? I can't find the exact address on internet? Do you know where they are located?

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                        yes Bailey's has malteser. And every kind of crisp you've been longing for. It's on W. Broadway, near the corner of E st.

                    1. Greenhill's Bakery in Adams Village in Dorchester has them.

                      1. The West Concord Supermarket, in Concord MA, has them, and the Maltesers along with a bunch of UK candies, foods, and soda. And what is a '99'?

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                          Nothing lewd. It's a cone of vanilla soft serve with a Flake stuck in the middle.

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                            I was imagining some kind of alcoholic beverage...Now I'm kinda dissappointed...

                        2. Cappy's on Dot Ave and E. Cottage in Dorchester has them, along with a good selection of others, including a malteser. I believe the little Indian/produce market in Davis Square also has them.

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                            Yeah, Farmer's Bounty in Davis Square. I'm not 100% certain that they have them, but it seems very likely.

                            1. re: maryv

                              yes, they do have them there & also the yummy choco digestive biscuits too !

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                              The Davis Sq Indian market stopped carrying Malteasers. It was a sad day for me!

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                                You are right. Crappy's has flake and my love, Maltesers. $1.49 for each. The flake disappeared from this world to my stomach after I got out of the store.

                              2. I love Flake but Maltesers are my favorites. Cardullo's has Maltesers and I actually just bought Maltesers at Shaws-in the inetrnational aisle. I am dying to know what a 99 is though!

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                                  Simply a soft-serve vanilla icecream cone with a Flake jammed into it. They're standard ice cream man fare in the UK.

                                2. Stop and Shop carries both Flake and Maltesers. Or at least the Stop and Shop on Watertown St in Newton does. But I'd guess that most of the bigger S&Ss do.

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                                    Wait until April - there is a particular brand of Flake made for Passover - it is unclear why this chocolate is associated with the holiday, but I have eaten them around passover for over 30 years. Should be able to find them in any grocery store at that time, in the Kosher for Passover aisle.

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                                      Probably made with sugar instead of corn-syrup, like Kosher for Passover Coke.

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                                        KOSHER FOR PASSOVER COKE!
                                        Anybody know where I can get some of this stuff, ideally in the Cambridge Area? I have dreams about Coke with real sugar--a few years ago I made it down to Costa Rica, where it was still 100% sugar and so heavenly I could cry (and the taste memories from childhood. wow.) Even the Mexican cokes I've found recently are sub-par, as they've started to blend in corn syrup.

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                                          Pemberton Farms, 2225 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge has Flake bars about 50% of the time.

                                  2. i had a long time obsession with flake. cardullos has them but they are expenisve ($1.99 a bar); the deli in davis square next to good will usually has them; there are also TONS of places online that sell them (i used to get them at ukgoods.com)

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                                      7-eleven on Causeway has them, not cheap though.

                                    2. I am pretty sure they have them at Wasik's Cheese shop in Wellesley.

                                      1. Oh, didn't know we we're going all out.. . .

                                        Cappy's Corner, run by some great [dot] Indian guys on Dot Ave., have black and white pudding plus all sorts of Irish and English breakfast items, including Irish bacon and butter. I don't quite know where the line between kosher and British food lies, but they do the island frozen bit well).

                                        While they have the candy bars we can find everywhere, they pull through with the rest of the breakfast we can only find at a few pubs and breakfast joints.

                                        1. Best of British in Newburyport always has Cadbury Flake.