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(SEA) Fish and Chips

So the PDX post got me to thinking where the best Fish and Chips are in Seattle. I've tried a few (Spuds, Elliot Bay Brewery, etc) but haven't found any that made me want to go back. I'll try anything for good fish and chips, an actual restaurant to a hole in the wall take out only kind of a place. Oh, and bonus points if they have a good selection of beer :)

Would prefer somewhere who doesn't over-batter the fish... some I have had recently are so thickly battered you wonder if there is fish in there at all.


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  1. Ballard Brothers on 15th NW just north of the Ballard Bridge on the west side of the street in a red building (former Skippers). They have a long history with festival food and have had a physical location for only a few years. I can't say it's the best - we just don't go anywhere else. It certainly is worth your attention.

    1. Pacific Inn Pub over in Fremont on the south end of Stone Way. Definitely (at least one of) the best in town.

      Duke's isn't half bad either, nor is Chinook's.

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        Pacific Inn is a favorite of many, I know. It is breaded, not battered, and has a bunch of dried herbs. not what I prefer for fish and chips. I like the Lockspot and Little Chinooks (the outdoor one), but it has to do w ith location as well as the food.

        Also, I try to always get halibut.

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          I think the fish and chips at Pacific Inn should automatically be disqualified because it is breaded and not battered.

          I am a big fan of the fish and chips and The Elysian Brewery and at Quinn's Pub.

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            =) I never really noticed. They show up and I eat.

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              The Elysian discontinued their fish and chips, sadly. I can't believe it! A brewpub without fish ans chips is a sin!
              If you agree, please urge Elysian to bring them back!

              Quinn's is great, I agree. Have their grilled romaine salad while you're there.

              Red Door in Fremont is decent in a pinch.

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                Oooh, that's too bad about the Elysian. Was that a recent thing? I was there within the last two months and had them. At that time, they weren't as good as I'd had there in the past but they were still better than most in town.

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                  must be recent? or maybe just at the cap hill location? I was at the Tangletown location within the past month and tried them out... they were good for a quick fix, but not the best. the fries left much to be desired.

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                    I was at the Cap Hill location so I'm guessing it must be a recent thing.

                    I've had them at the Tangletown location but there were never as good as the ones on Cap Hill.

        2. I have always liked Jack's Fish Spot, get the halibut when it is fresh and enjoy a great lunch counter experience.


          1. I like what the Elysian does for F&C.
            It's battered, not breaded, and not overly so.

            1. I went to Buckley's today and, because of this thread, tried the f&c. They are great! Nicely battered and not greasy. The fish was perfectly cooked and very moist. I just wish the fries were better (they're also battered).

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                Lauren, next time you are at Buckleys, try the sweet potato fries. Not traditional for fish n chips, but they are very good.

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                  Oooh, I'll do that. Thanks for the rec!

              2. People's pub in ballard is generally pretty solid.

                1. If you're feeling adventurous, take the ferry to Bremerton and go to Fritz European Fry House. It's located in the new convention center complex adjacent to the ferry terminal, so no car is needed. They serve some of the best Belgian-style fries I've ever tasted with a variety of tasty dipping sauces (curry mayo, thai peanut, wasabi garlic mayo, for example). They also serve terrific beer-battered cod and chips (comes with two sauces) - some of the best I've had in recent memory. Also, there is a nice assortment of Belgian beers to wash it all down with. The space is actually quite tiny with counters and bar stools to sit at. There are outdoor tables if the weather is cooperative, but I would prefer to order takeout for a scenic waterfront picnic nearby.


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                    oh this sounds awesome for the summer. walk on the ferry, fish and chips, beer, great view... what more could one ask for? thanks!

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                      Yes, go for the fries, beer, & view. BUT the fish is frozen. However, the fries and beer are excellent!

                  2. Seattle Bred-born and raised and In my short 22 years I have always gone to Totem House near the locks in Ballard. Somewhat Inexpesive, good and can enjoy the seals and salmon while you eat. Its a win win. Address below:

                    3058 NW 54TH St

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                        that's right and beluga whale. !?

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                        Man, I hit Totem House on my fish and chips walkabout last summer and it was a big fat NO GO. Breaded not battered as I recall, and overly greasy. The Lockspot across the street is vastly superior IMO, as is Little Chinooks over by Fisherman's Terminal.

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                          Us Eric's (sic) stick together on this.
                          Topping these, though, is halibut and chips at Sunfish on Alki, and, maybe even (depends on the day) Pacific Inn in Fremont.

                      3. We've always liked Spud's at Alki for takeout fish & chips while hanging on the beach. The fish is crisp, without too much batter. Halibut, as mentioned, is the way to go.

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                          maybe I should try the alki one... I've tried the Greenlake one and it just didn't do it for us. thanks for letting me know there was another one :)

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                            I too was dissapointed by the Greenlake Spuds; Daly's was better. Still need to try Sunfish at Alki. I feel strange recommending it, but Nordstrom's in Bellevue makes some great battered halibut and chips. Others here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/390067

                            P.S. Not in the metro area, but my absolute champ is Landings Restaurant in Port Angeles. http://www.landingsrestaurant.com/

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                              I've heard raves about the F&C at Sunfish.

                        2. I've always thought the one thing that Anthony's on the downtown waterfront does well is fish and chips. This is their take out stand. And you can't beat the view.

                          1. i like the air-fried fish and chips at the pike pub and brewery in the market...wonderfully crispy halibut, and they also have a great selection of beer to drink with it...:o)


                            1. heard there's Fish N Chips place soon going into the old "Frites" place on Capitol Hill

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                                  it was right on the side of the music club Moe's which would put it across the street from Quinn's right?? Quinn's has pretty good fish & chips also ..

                              1. Whenever I want fish and chips I go to Ivars.

                                1. FYI, Sunfish is the best fish I've had in Seattle, but I like the traditional British-style breaded fish. As to the chips I have never had good chips at any fish & chip spot, what is the obsession with hand-cut fries? They are always greasy and limp! To make a real chip you need to blanch the chips first then fry them.

                                  1. I highly recommend the fish-n-chips at the Old Town Alehouse in Ballard. They used to serve them only on Fridays. They always sold out and finally got the clue that they should be selling them daily, so now they're on the daily menu. I believe they use cod pieces with a crunchy, panko-like coating. Their fries, although not hand cut (my preference) are still very delicious, slightly crunchy, shoestring fries with lots of black pepper and a light sprinkle of parmesean. It's a pretty big order so two can split it and enjoy soup or salad to start the meal.

                                    I adore the atmosphere at the Old Town Alehouse. It's a pub, but it has a lot of character with a brick wall and a huge wooden bar. It's classed up a bit with candles on the tables - keeps the grungy fishermen away. Plus they have a fabulous NW microbrew selection. All these points add up to a fantastic casual dining experience. And afterwards, you can cross the street to Connor Byrnes and catch some great live music. A complete Ballard experience!

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                                      sounds excellent.... I like that they use cod, and the fries are crispy. I've had a hard time finding fries in SEA that I love, alot of them seem to be undercooked.
                                      I'll have to try finding it online. I have to admit, we always go to the standby faves in Ballard, so I'm not quite sure about placing where this one is... thanks!

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                                        You've probably already found their site, but just in case:


                                    2. I'm gonna say Von's for salmon and chips. REALLY good.

                                      1. Ivar's Salmon House at Happy Hour is a good place for fish n chips. Good chips, good fish and not too heavily breaded. Happy Hour pricing is the bonus.