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Feb 18, 2008 05:23 AM

(SEA) Fish and Chips

So the PDX post got me to thinking where the best Fish and Chips are in Seattle. I've tried a few (Spuds, Elliot Bay Brewery, etc) but haven't found any that made me want to go back. I'll try anything for good fish and chips, an actual restaurant to a hole in the wall take out only kind of a place. Oh, and bonus points if they have a good selection of beer :)

Would prefer somewhere who doesn't over-batter the fish... some I have had recently are so thickly battered you wonder if there is fish in there at all.


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  1. Ballard Brothers on 15th NW just north of the Ballard Bridge on the west side of the street in a red building (former Skippers). They have a long history with festival food and have had a physical location for only a few years. I can't say it's the best - we just don't go anywhere else. It certainly is worth your attention.

    1. Pacific Inn Pub over in Fremont on the south end of Stone Way. Definitely (at least one of) the best in town.

      Duke's isn't half bad either, nor is Chinook's.

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      1. re: jaydeflix

        Pacific Inn is a favorite of many, I know. It is breaded, not battered, and has a bunch of dried herbs. not what I prefer for fish and chips. I like the Lockspot and Little Chinooks (the outdoor one), but it has to do w ith location as well as the food.

        Also, I try to always get halibut.

        1. re: cocktailhour

          I think the fish and chips at Pacific Inn should automatically be disqualified because it is breaded and not battered.

          I am a big fan of the fish and chips and The Elysian Brewery and at Quinn's Pub.

          1. re: jdestes

            =) I never really noticed. They show up and I eat.

            1. re: jdestes

              The Elysian discontinued their fish and chips, sadly. I can't believe it! A brewpub without fish ans chips is a sin!
              If you agree, please urge Elysian to bring them back!

              Quinn's is great, I agree. Have their grilled romaine salad while you're there.

              Red Door in Fremont is decent in a pinch.

              1. re: lemiller610

                Oooh, that's too bad about the Elysian. Was that a recent thing? I was there within the last two months and had them. At that time, they weren't as good as I'd had there in the past but they were still better than most in town.

                1. re: Lauren

                  must be recent? or maybe just at the cap hill location? I was at the Tangletown location within the past month and tried them out... they were good for a quick fix, but not the best. the fries left much to be desired.

                  1. re: nseattlefoodie

                    I was at the Cap Hill location so I'm guessing it must be a recent thing.

                    I've had them at the Tangletown location but there were never as good as the ones on Cap Hill.

        2. I have always liked Jack's Fish Spot, get the halibut when it is fresh and enjoy a great lunch counter experience.


          1. I like what the Elysian does for F&C.
            It's battered, not breaded, and not overly so.

            1. I went to Buckley's today and, because of this thread, tried the f&c. They are great! Nicely battered and not greasy. The fish was perfectly cooked and very moist. I just wish the fries were better (they're also battered).

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              1. re: Lauren

                Lauren, next time you are at Buckleys, try the sweet potato fries. Not traditional for fish n chips, but they are very good.

                1. re: bluedog67

                  Oooh, I'll do that. Thanks for the rec!