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Feb 18, 2008 05:17 AM

Kid Friendly in Charlotte

Looks like we have quite a few hounds in Charlotte, so I thought I'd take advantage of your expertise. I'm looking for family friendly restaurants (toddler, infant) around Charlotte. We live in the Ballantyne area, but I'll take suggestions any where. We frequent Moes and Red Robin, just looking for a change. Thanks!

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  1. There's a very short list of restaurants in Charlotte that aren't kid friendly. Most are uptown. Besides maybe 131 Main, Table and maybe Firebird's (although we brought our toddler there), I think I've seen babies and toddlers pretty much everywhere in South Charlotte. I think you should feel comfortable and expect to feel welcomed pretty much everywhere. Get out there and experiment!

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      Ok, I should have mentioned - my 2 year old is of the "unpredictable" variety. There are times he is a complete prince, and then there are the other times where he screams, won't sit in his high chair, etc. no matter what you do. We like places like Red Robin where 1) there are lots of things to distract him and 2) it's no big deal if you have to take him outside in the middle of the meal and/or it's loud enough that if he's complaining he's not disturbing others. I envy those parents with the kids that just sit stock still and eat their meals on their own. I'm hoping mine will get there soon.

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        Table? That would be one of the last restaurants in S CLT I would take a child not to mention it's a very far cry from Moe's and Red Robin.

        Eddie's Place & Sticky Fingers in Ballantyne area, Good Ole Days in the arboretum, Trio @ McMullen Creek Shopping centr, Salsa's in Carmel Commons.

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          Yeah - I'm not sure the rest of the diners would be wild about that idea either.

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            I wrote that kind of confusingly. I meant to tell the OP that 131 Main, Table and Firebirds would be 3 S Charlotte locations I would NOT bring a kid too but didn't write it clearly.

        2. Harpers, Cheesecake Factory, and Maggianos are all good upscale family chains by South Park Mall.

          1. Good Ol' Days Diner at the Arboreteum(sp) is a decent place and definitley kid friendly.

            1. I love Maria Bonita. It's on Colony/Rea Rd. Fantastic Mexican food, quant feel, very family friendly. We frequent there often and see families there all the time. I re-discovered mexican going there! Their food is amazing!

              1. Eddie's Place by Earthfare. I haven't eaten at that location, but the Cotswold location is family central.