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Feb 18, 2008 05:05 AM

Best Oyster Po' Boy in Austin?

My wife is a died in the wool Yankee. She was nursed on lobster, clam, scallop & shrimp rolls. I want her to experience the sublime flavor of an oyster po' boy. Where do you suggest? We're OD'ing on Pastor's tacos! Great city here!

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  1. Gene's does good poboys.

    1. Don't know if any of these qualify for best, but they're all good:

      Gene's -
      Evangeline's -
      Quality Seafood -

      Quality Seafood would be my pick, but you can't go wrong with any of these.

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      1. re: jscro626

        I like Quality Seafood, but the bread is wrong on their po'boys. They even say that it is hoagie bread- french shaped loaf.
        A po'boy must be on real french bread or it is just another sandwich. It might taste good, but it is not a po'boy. I do think that Quality has good tartar sauce, which is my problem with Gene's. Gene's supplies little packets of commercial tartar sauce. sigh. For those of us that like tartar on po'boys, this is very sad. The bread is good, not the very very best, but good. I've never tried Evangeline's. Sadly, Evangeline's would almost require a roadtrip for me and the reports I've received have said the po'boys are ok, but small and not quite right.

      2. Nubian Queen Lola's does a good shrimp po' boy, but I don't remember if she does oyster or not.

        1. Anybody been to Mr Catfish?

          I just came across their menu and plan on checking it out soon.
          Bonus: none of this $9-12 bull, po-boys are 5 bucks, they call 'em that for a reason you know.

          1. Went to Gene's last night. It alright. For the price too small, too few oysters. Another example of Calvin Trillan's philosophy that some food just doesn't travel well, so we continue on our taco truck orgy! Gene, however, is a gem and the daily specials are indeed special
            We leave tomorrow, had a great time and plan to return next February.
            Ya'll got a great city!
            Marco el Taco Grande
            Boy was Lula B's great, today for lunch!

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            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Glad you could visit, Passadumkeg, I will look you up next time I'm in the Northeast.......thanks for all the posts regarding the places you went.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Really?? I always have a hard time finishing the oyster poboy at Gene's because it is so big. And I've never looked at it and thought "this could use more oysters". I eat there probably twice a month, so you'd think I'd have had one that needed more good stuff but maybe I've just been lucky. Either it was an off night or I need to get out and try poboy's at other places more often. I do like Shoal Creek's but haven't tried Evangeline's yet or Nubian Queen Lola's (but I like her red beans & rice).

                1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

                  I ate at Gene's a couple of days ago, and I would say that the oyster po' boy was just about right in terms of how many oysters it held. I would have been very happy with two or three more of the smallish oysters (at which point the sandwich would have been STUFFED with oysters), but the amount it held didn't disappoint me. I geniunely enjoyed it, too.