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Feb 18, 2008 03:40 AM

Mollie Katzen's new book [Moved from Not About Food board]

I was wondering if anyone's gotten this book yet, and what they think? I am very tempted to buy it since I love her cookbooks in general. What do you think?

The title is "The Vegetable Recipes I can't Live without".



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  1. I just got it and am going to cook with it this week. I'm going to post a review on my blog next Monday but I can post here on individual recipes, to give you more info...

    1. I'd be curious about this one compared to the other newish veg books - Bittman's HTCEV, Veganomicon, Super Natural Cooking, the Brearly and Deborah Madison books etc.
      Like so many, I cooked from Mollie Katzen's original Moosewood book 20 years ago . . .

      1. OMG -- I am an ardent fan of Mollie Katzen! I was veggie when I started cooking and used MK and my mom to teach me how to start. I didn't even know she'd come out with a new book. I would love to know some other favorites from her other books (if that's not too off topic). I just started making the mushroom curry in the original book and I'm hooked (three times in two weeks).

        I thought I had all of her books but I just learned that I don't. I often turn to her recipes for veggie casseroles (spaghetti squash casserole, bean pies, vegetable cheesecake), I have had great luck with her soups, her ratatouille, and I love the fudgy brownies in the original Moosewood. Her falafel is great, as are her eggplant pates and veggie-based dips. My favorite is her Mushroom Strudel. I really like the simplicity of some of the recipes in Vegetable Heaven for times when I don't feel like turning dinner into an intricate ordeal of preparation.

        What about Sunlight Cafe, another new(ish) book from MK, featuring all breakfast dishes???

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          Sunlight Cafe is fantastic. Love that book! So many good, healthy ideas for portable breakfasts as well as brunch type recipes. She offers many variations for recipes for adding extra protein and/or whole wheat flour. I make her ricotta muffin and granola recipes very frequently. And my boyfriend loves the pancakes recipe, which I make because I can eat them (by adding protein to the mix...I get hypoglycemic sometimes) he says they are the best he's ever had. Highly recommended!

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            I really like Sundays at Moosewood, and have been all through the Italian section. It has chapters on various cuisines and is pretty darn good. My original Moosewood cookbook (sans covers!) still sits on my bookshelf.

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              Just a note to point out that Mollie Katzen had no part in writing Sundays at Moosewood or any of the Moosewood cookbooks except the original (and I assume its recent update).

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              Sunlight Cafe is one of my favorites! The pear-ginger muffins are fantastic. I used all whole wheat (plain, not pastry) flour, and they were still tender and delicious. A great way to start the day!

            3. Just made the Nut-Crusted Portabello Fritters from Molly's new book. You dip slices of portabella mushrooms in egg, then a mix of ground nuts and parmesan, and then fry. We served with a big salad, and had a caper mayonnaise for dipping. They were nice but a little underseasoned. Next time I would add herbs and lots of salt and pepper to the cheese/nuts mixture, and fry a few garlic chunks in the oil before adding the mushrooms.

              Overall, the book seems more focused on side dishes than her prior books. The intent seems to be to put together vegetable recipes for people who don't cook or eat a lot of vegetables. But I plan to try a couple more recipes this week and I'll post about them. We did feel virtuous eating such a colorful plate of veggies for dinner...

              1. Just posted my review of Molly's new book on my blog. Overall, I wasn't that enthused. I thought the recipes weren't as flavorful or charming as the early Moosewood books. There were a couple that were great though - most notably, the fennel with lemon and the spagetti squash with carmelized onions. I usually find spagetti squash to be totally tasteless, but after being roasted, scooped out, and then roasted again with fried onions, and topped with crispy sage leaves, I guess anything would taste delicious. The fennel dish consisted of sauteed julienned fennel topped with paper thin slices of lemon that were dredged in flour and then fried. Totally awesome.

                I thought the remainder of dishes that I tried fell a little flat. I would turn to my vegetarian books by Deborah Madison and Jack Bishop before this one. Lacks the flavor of the old Moosewood.

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                  Thanks for your review. I went to the bookstore and looked through a copy, and it didn't grab me enough to buy it.

                  I don't have the Jack Bishop book, though....will check that one out.