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Jan 10, 2002 07:57 PM

LA's Best Chocolate Candy

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Of the shops I've found in L.A., I think my favorites (so far) are Leonidas (on Larchmont) and Teuscher in Beverly Hills (amazing champagne truffles). Any other (or better) suggestions?

(BTW, as a relative newcomer to the Chowhound'd LA Message Board, I've been wanting to express my appreciation -- this board is a truly wonderful thing!)

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  1. Welcome! Hope you visit the Chow store and support the site.

    Anyway, although I'm not much of a sweet eater, another place in Beverly Hills that is quite famous for it's hand-dipped fruit and other chocolates is Edelweiss, on Canon Drive. Worth a look.

    1. Grandma's Sugarplum on Belmont Shore in Long Beach. They make a piece which is a combination of the See's Bordeaux and Caramel that they call "Bordello" which is truly fabulous...

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        Passed by Grandma's Sugarplum on Wednesday, and the shop is gone!! A "For Lease" sign is in the window. Unless they've moved somewhere else, one of the best sweets shops in the southland is gone. :(

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          QT's right. It's finito. What a loss. One of the highlights of a midsummer night's stroll on 2nd St.

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          michael (mea culpa)

          You might check the "La Maison du Chocolat" thread on the Manhattan board and see if you can work westward from some of those chocolatiers. You've found 2 good ones all ready.

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            John Gonzales

            Teuscher: You've already hit it. The Champ. Truffles are probably L.A.'s best chocolate, and better than any I found in a Champagne/Reims/Epernay quest.
            Kron: Back by the original founders (on lil SaMo in BH)The cocoa truffles are different (a little bitter at outset)but delicious, along with some other good stuff including custom fruit dips (oranges & believe it or not grapes are great).
            Both Edelweiss and Compartes (make sure the have good in season fruit and dip it specially) have good fruit.

            1. The best local non-factory place (aka Sees) I've found now is Edelweiss in BEverly Hills. Teuscher is fine but overpriced, I feel. Godiva the same, and neither are local.
              The best IMHO, was Jerbeau chocolate's BIt of Sweetland on 3rd. They went out of business in town about 4-5 years ago and the wholesale branch in Camarillo closed about a year ago. They were the best, hands down over Teuscher etc. The Lehar, the figaro, crokant, the chocolate fruit, the bitter chips, what a loss. Their website is still up. Click on the link below to see part of it.