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Feb 17, 2008 11:24 PM

Michelin star (or equal) romantic dinner with a view

Being European I am in love with Michelin stars (although I understand there is serious doubt if it really works in US.

In last week of February I am visiting NYC (staying in midtown). I am looking for a great (one/two star) romantic restaurant with a good view where booking a week ahead is sufficient.

Preffered location should be midtown, but for a great view I'll go anywhere in manhattan.

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  1. There is no finer view to be had than that at the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Asiate restaurant on Columbus Circle.
    I do not know if they have Michelin stars or not but it is a trendy, upscale venue with an enviable view, especially at night.

    1. Views, combined with good food, are lacking in NY. But-Michelin star and some view:

      Cafe Gray, in the Time-Warner building provides a 4th floor view of Columbus Circle (not nearly as good as Asiate, but you want the star)-I'm not sure I'd consider it romantic, unless you have fond memories of a Bar Mitzvah you attended at 13. But the food is terrific. Specify you'd like a table with a decent view (the open kitchen blocks some of the view.)

      The Modern Dining Room-the view is of the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art. I think the food is very good-others on this board would disagree. I think it is somewhat romantic, although the Picasso goat may turn some people off.

      Perry Street-a striking room in a building designed by Richar Meier. The view is not amazing, but if you go in daytime, or better yet just as the sun is setting, you get the sun setting over NJ and it's very nice. The food is pretty good, but from other reviews may be unreliable.

      1. The River Cafe has a marvelous view of Manhattan (it's in Brooklyn) and is worth the trip (no stars though).

        1. Offhand, the only michelin restaurant I can think of with a great view is Per Se. But getting a table there is next to impossible. (but worth it if you can get it).