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Feb 17, 2008 08:42 PM

Chowing in HK airport?

I have two layovers - one is 3:40, the other 5:20 - I don't think it's quite enough time to get out of the airport to eat, but it looks like there may be some decent options within the airport itself - wanted to get some input from people.

I saw that Jen Dow in Terminal 2 seems fairly well regarded for wonton noodles, so that's on the list. The other places that looked somewhat appealing (based on their online descriptions) were Wong Chi Kee in Terminal 2 for noodles, Chao Inn (also Terminal 2) for Chazhou cuisine, and Taiwan Beef Noodle in Terminal 1.

Opinions? Input? Any other places people recommend? I will be traveling alone, so I'll need to focus on one-bowl meals.

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  1. I'd think again about going into HK, especially during the longer layover. The Airport Express MTR tales only 17 minutes to Kowloon. 24 to HK Island. There's plenty of options nearby MTR Stations, and it might be worthwhile to do some planning beforehand.

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      Thanks Xiao Yang - I hadn't realized it was such a short ride and will keep that in mind for the second layover. The thing is, I have pretty ambitious itineraries for my Singapore layovers (which klyeoh had a large part in helping me construct), so I have a feeling I may just want to hang out in the airport when I'm in HK (also, there aren't any HK specialties that I'm hell-bent on eating, the way I am about certain Singaporean hawker items).

    2. Hi Daveena, one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the whole world is (strangely) Maxim's Chinese restaurant @ HKIA Departure Level area. Loved especially the braised seafood on crispy egg noodles! Their dim sum & barbecued meats are also very good, and on par with any good restaurants in the city.

      I've never tried Chao Inn as I had never liked HK-style Chaozhou food actually - they don't seem to taste like the real stuff which you'd find in Shantou (Swatow), or even in Singapore/Bangkok's Teochew/Taechew restaurants.

      If you happen to tire of food within the airport terminals, take a short walk on the linkway to the Regal Airport Hotel. There are 3 very good restaurants there - Rouge (Cantonese) restaurant; Dragon Inn (Shanghainese/Beijing) restaurant and the Airport Izakaya (Japanese). I once had to spend 2 weeks in HKIA on a business assignment (I was in the air transport business then), stayed at the Regal & was too tired/lazy to make the trip to the city in the evenings. So, I either ate at the airport restaurants or else at these 3 rather good restaurants at the Regal Hotel every day for a fortnight. Believe me - the food there is light years better than any Chinese food you can possibly find in SF! I actually missed them when I finally left HK.

      P.S. - Avoid Cafe Aficionado @ Regal Hotel though - the buffet was awful!

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      1. re: klyeoh

        Thanks, klyeoh! I had a feeling there was going to be good food in/near HK airport. For some reason, I'm really not surprised you would be the one to know which ones :)

        1. re: klyeoh

          hi klyeoh...i've appreciated all your Chiu Chow and other recs, but i'm going have to differ on the HKIA airport Maxim's...

          i ate there yesterday morning...despite not liking Maxim's City Hall, i decided to give the airport one a try because i was famished and because it was right in front me after i got my boarding pass...the dimsum was terrible...congealed and full of grizzly meat...maybe i should have gotten the noodles...nice people watching though...

        2. Almost right next to Burger King in the food court at T1 is a place famous for Cantonese barbequed pork (aka Char Siu) rice. It's called King's Palace Congee and Noodle (their congee and noodles aren't bad, but char siu is the star). Not cheap for a food court though, it'll set you back about $60HK.

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          1. re: e_ting

            Great, thanks! I wonder if Regal sells day passes for their gym... I'm thinking I may need one...

            1. re: daveena

              When I leave HKG I'm usually ready for some Popeye's chicken and that's where I go.

              1. re: kure

                IMHO, best bowl of noodle at the HKIA is inside the Cathay lounge. Get a bowl of their dan dan noodles!

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                  Hahaha...I'm at Popeye's about 50% of the time when I fly out, and the other 50% of the time I'm at the Cathay lounge having noodles.

                  1. re: Peech

                    try the popeye's chicken sandwich with extra pickles and light on the mayo. excellent.

              2. re: e_ting

                Is this place past immigration or before?

                1. re: s0memale

                  past immigration, on the same level. if my memory serves, you turn right after coming out of security check

              3. Reporting on layover number 1 - I ended up following e-ing's advice and getting bowl of char siu rice at King's Palace Congee and Noodle. The charsiu was really excellent - nicely fatty, with a burnished glaze that crackled ever so slightly. The rice itself wasn't great - it was a little clumpy - but the pork, with a stalk of gai lan on the side and the fried egg on top, was definitely one of the best things I've ever had in an airport (also, maybe the best charsiu I've ever had).

                Next layover will probably be Jen Dow for wonton noodles, followed by Popeye's (I can't go into the Cathay lounge if I'm flying Singapore, can I?)

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                1. re: daveena

                  The char siu rice you had was probably the "God of Cookery Char Siu Rice"...inspired by the Stephen Chow movie "God of Cookery". It IS very good char siu.

                  If you are going to Jen Dow, I dunno their menu at the airport but my favorites at their original location (I live 2 blocks away) include fried rice noodles with beef (gan chau ngau hor) and char siu bao.

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                    glad you liked it! i can't imagine life without good char siu...

                    1. re: daveena

                      King's Palace Congee and Noodle Charsiu Rice pic:

                      (on my second layover, I found out that I could not go to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1, gave up, and had Popeye's. Definitely not as good as the Popeye's in Houston's airport, which set my standards for best Popeye's meal of all time)