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Feb 17, 2008 08:40 PM

NJ Craft Beer Restaurant Week

I just got wind that a local distributor is sponsoring several Hoboken and Jersey restaurants to put together special beer tasting menus this week coming up. Having never eaten out in either city I don't know where to start. I probably only have time and money to partake in the offerings of just one of these places. Without looking at the specific menus that each may or may not have posted online, I was wondering if any one had specific recs of which one I should make a point of setting a reservation at. The list is below and the website for the themed week is linked here (


Last, but not least, my birthday is this Friday. Do you think any of these places would be particularly well suited (more so than the rest) to hosting such an event dinner?

Hudson Tavern – 51 14th Street – 201-798-1117 –
The Melting Pot – 100 Sinatra Drive - 201-222-1440 –
Amanda’s – 908 Washington Street – 201-798-0101 –
Elysian Café – 1001 Washington Street – 201-798-5898 –
Gaslight – 400 Adams Street – 201-217-1400 –
Hoboken Four L’s – 208 Washington Street - 201-876-8500 –
Mile Square – 221 Washington Street – 201-420-0222

Jersey City:
Ox – 176 Newark Avenue – 201-860-4000 – – not open Mondays
Triumph – 85 Morris Street – 201-209-1717 –
LITM – 140 Newark Avenue – 201-536-5557 -
Skinners Loft – 146 Newark Avenue - 201-915-0600 –
South City Grill – 70 Pavonia Avenue – 201-610-9225 –

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  1. If any one is curious, I ended up going to Elysian in Hoboken. Apparently, they generally do not do anything special with their beers, nor do they even sell any of the beers that they use to match up in the pairings. I found pairings to be decent, however I was rather unimpressed with the food. Don't get me wrong, it was more than edible, but it was also nothing special. It was a very appetizing menu that just seemed to fall through once it was delivered. The ravioli in the first course was a little to undercooked to qualify as 'al dente'. And from there on out it all just seemed like something was lacking, and was a bit uninspired overall. Certainly nothing stood out as memorable. For me, the trip from Northern Manhattan, plus the $50 meal, plus tax and tip, wasn't worth the occasion for what ammounted to what feels as an upscale gimmick.

    I had good company, was able to explore a new place without running into anyone I knew, and managed to view the lunar eclipse along with some stars, something I don't think would have been fully possible in the city.I stopped in at Mile Square on my way to the PATH afterwards and they didn't seem to have a clue what the craft beer menu was that I had asked about. After much searching, they presented us with the general menu specials of the day. It did seem like a nice enough place to have a brew though with by far the best tap beer selection of any bar I encountered while exploring about in Hoboken.