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Feb 17, 2008 08:13 PM

Best Mozzarella Sticks in LA?

Every now and then I get a monster craving for the simple fried cheese heart-attack inducing bar food... Any suggestions for the best sticks around?... The search function didn't give me many options. I don't mind driving once the fried-cheese fit is on me...

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  1. While I'm not generally a fan of their pizza, I really like the mozzarella sticks at Casa Bianca.

    1. Although a chain, nobody beats the sticks at Claim Jumper. They are HUGE!!! Don't bother ordering dinner... after two of these you'll be stuffed.

      Claim Jumper
      6501 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803

      1. This will sound crazy, because the place isn't known for its food, but the cheese sticks at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena are very good. When I am actually hungry, that's the one thing on the menu that is pretty tasty. Good beer as a bonus.

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        1. re: oro3030

          Isn't that backwards?

          Go to Lucky Baldwins for the beer, and get the cheese sticks as the bonus.


        2. rainbow bar & grille on sunset. they are squares, not sticks. and i think it's mozz and some other cheeses. whatever it is = yummy.

          also the fried mac & cheese at fred 62 on vermont is quite tasty.