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Feb 17, 2008 08:03 PM

Old fashioned Onion Pletzls (rolls)

I'm looking for the old fashioned onion pletzls (rolls), the kind that are rather flat, but thick enough to be cut open to make a sandwich. They have a hard crust and well baked onions all over the top (not just in the middle). Is there any bakery in the NYC/LI area that still bakes them?

Thanks much. I'm just craving for one of those rolls.

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    1. re: meatme

      Thanks meatme, but Kossar's does not have what I'm looking for. I looked there twice. Try again?

      1. re: roadymw

        I've seen onion pletzls there, both big boards and personal size, but they might not be thick enough for your purposes. Good luck in your quest!

        1. re: roadymw

          Kossar's definitely makes them, calling them Onion Disks. However, they're fairly thin and difficult to cut in half horizontally. I take a serrated knife, find a thick area and work it apart, which is only partly satisfactory.

          You could also put it on a cutting board and press down with a flat-bottomed plate or frying pan and work the knife through in between.

          The flavor of Kossar's onion disks is wonderful, so it's worth the effort.

      2. The bagel bakery run by a Thai man on the north side of Queens Boulevard near west of Union Turnpike makes pletzls everyday.

        1. They are called bialys, i think....most of the bagel shops have them.. Have you gone into a bagel shop?

          1. I go to shop & stop they have a roll called a miami onoin roll these are great for sandwhiches

            1. Me too... all the time. From Philly, and they had them years ago on 11th Street. Maybe a recipe??