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Feb 17, 2008 07:56 PM

Green bags

Does anyone know anything about the green bags by Debbie Meyer? I was looking into them and wondered if they really worked. Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've used the Debbie Meyer greenbags for years. I don't know about anyone else, but I always transfer potatoes to greenbags as soon as I get them home. They keep firm at least 3 times longer than keeping them in the bag they come in or anything else. I keep them in the bottom of my pantry, but don't close the top tightly. I did find that bananas if closed completely the stem witl mildew. I keep them in greenbags on the counter not completely closed. Lettuce, carrots, bell peppers and celery keep very well in the green bags, but again I close them loosely.

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        1. re: gdanger

          Greenbags are an expensive gimmick.

          You can save yourself lots of money by transferring potatoes to a plain old brown paper bag and storing them in a cool, dry, dark (this is important) environment. I keep mine on the very bottom of my refrigerator. Potatoes last for weeks.

          As for apples, wrap each piece in plain old newspaper, place in another plain old brown paper bag and store in cool, dry, dark environment. They will last for months this way.

          Storing carrots, peppers and celery has never been a particular problem. I keep mine in the refrigerator in the same bag in which I buy them and they stay fresh for several weeks. Lettuce can be wrapped in paper towels to keep it fresh.

          Bananas in a greenbag, as you have discovered already, aren't really any better.

        2. I haven't used them yet. I bought something called "Forever Bags" that are supposed to do the same thing as the Green Bags. I put my bananas in them and four days later my bananas looked great!! I opened the bag, took them out, and all of them were pure mush!! I don't know what happened. I twisted the ties around the bag. I haven't checked the peaches and the tomatoes yet in the other bags. I guess I will try the Green Bags next, but these were much cheaper.

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          1. re: ihatewinter

            What is it about these gizmo-y type things that lead people to conclude "well, this one didn't work so maybe the other one will?"

            Do you really need to store bananas for a long period? Then throw them in the fridge. The skin will look like like hell but the banana will stay firm (at least for a couple of days beyond just keeping them on the counter), And if you really need longer-term banana storage maybe consider buying fewer bananas. Or peel and freeze them.

            1. re: ferret

              Well, ferret, I have tried cheap products before thinking they would work, and when they didn't, I would try the name-brand products. THEY would work like advertised. I am gullible when it comes to "gizmo-y type" thingys. No more green bags for me AT ALL.