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Feb 17, 2008 07:31 PM

Dinner and Dancing in Toronto

Once again I find myself in need of the expertise of my esteemed fellow chowhounders. My partner and I recently took ballroom classes and were wondering if anyone knows of a place to go for dinner and dancing. Preferably ballroom vs. exclusively latin or swing, although a mix would be alright. So far I have only found the Old Mill for this type of evening. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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  1. My sister and her SO were at the Old Mill last weekend for an evening out. Loved the dancing. Food not so good.

    1. You could always mix'n match. Trinity-Spadina has salsa dance (practice) on Saturday afternoon evenings. Then you could eat afterwards alonh Bloor.
      BTW where did you take ballroom?

      1. Lula Lounge! Absolutely a blast for salsa, charming room, and a loose, happy vibe. You can eat there too or have tapas at Senor Antonio (next to Chiado).

        1. Hi,

          There are quite a few places for ballroom dinner and dancing around, though I haven't encountered any particularly exciting food, I have to admit.

          There's Q-ssis on Kingston Road, they do dancing most Friday evenings with a buffet dinner part way through the dinner (typical pasta, chicken veggies etc). Check ahead, their main business is as a banquet hall, so some Fridays they are closed. Smooth & latin dance, I'd say a just little heavier on the latin.

          New Century Palace has dinner and dancing almost every night. Good (authentic) chinese food and good music. My dance partner and I were fortunate to have help with the menu though, the good stuff isn't written in English.

          There's also the 30-Up Club, Famee and possibly a few others. E-mail me if you like -

          BTW - no food, but the Palais Royale is open again after their renovations and they are having an event this Saturday. Swing & Latin. They are famous for having a beautiful sprung floor for dancing.

          1. Thank you all,
            We went to Lula, and were very pleased by the ambiance and the presentation of the meals. The set-up was a great change of pace and, unfortunately the night we went did not have any dancing, although it looks like a nice space for the dinner and dancing experience. Frenchsoda, thank you for the great information, I am sure we will get the chance to visit some of the places you recommended. Thanks again to the wealth of information shared by the members of chowhound.