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Best Fried Chicken in Atlanta

I'm new to the Atlanta area, but I know the South is known for Fried Chicken. Where do you recommend for fried chicken in Atlanta?

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  1. Matthew's Cafeteria in Tucker has some really great fried chicken, I think it is either served on Wed. or Fri.

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      I'm sorta familiar with Tucker - I know where Tucker High School is and a few of the main streets. Where would I find Matthew's Cafeteria?

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        down what I am guessing would be Main Street Tucker, right down from Tucker High School. Two parking lots on either side of it. Usually packed.

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        If you go to Matthew's, be sure to get some cobbler.

      3. Watershed has some amazing fried chicken also, that is only served on Tuesday nights.

        1. Agnes and Muriel's, The Colonnade and Mary Mac's Tea Room have some of my favorites!

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            Greenwood's on Green St in Roswell. But most of the time, just Chik-fil-A.

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              Totally go with Greenwoods. The best I've had in a long time. Great sides, awesome coleslaw...and the chocolate cream pie is FAB U LOUS!!! Perfectly creamy, dark and sweet. Great patio for relaxing.

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                Word of caution....they pour honey all over the top, ruining the bird IMHO.

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              Mary Mac's is my favorite so far. Been years since I tried the Colonnade. Is it still down on Cheshire bridge near all the xxx shops and strip clubs?

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                Yup! It's been a while for me too (only because I no longer live in Atlanta), but it was always one of my favorites. It tastes like the kind of fried chicken someone's grandma would make. Plus, their rolls and corn muffins are so good!!

                Try Agnes and Muriel's too, if you haven't. Their fried chicken is great and they also have amazing southern sides and pie!

            3. I don't order a lot of fried chicken in restaurants, and I haven't been to all the "true Southern cooking" restaurants I always read about here, so I don't have a wide base for this opinion. Generally, I feel like fried chicken is something you eat at home, not out. However, I love the fried chicken dinner at Atkin's Park. The one in VaHi is obviously the original and has the true ambiance of the place, but the food is still good at the Smyrna location. I think it's a boneless breast, but can't quite recall.

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                I love Matthews in Tucker-great chicken and great sides for a great price. I also like Fat Matt's Chicken Shack, Colonnade-I did not care so much for Mary Mac's.

              2. Chicken & Waffels. I think Diania Ross owns it.

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                    Yes, GK. DR would be more likely to own a caviar and champagne joint.

                1. Y'all are making me hungry! I spent nine years in Atlanta doing my grad work at Joja Tech. Mary Mac's was a favorite for the meat and three sides but niot necessarily for the fried chicken. The Colonnade I know I have been but frankly dion't remember any of the visits, too "happy" at the time. But my all time fried chicken place, now defunct was Deacon Burtons' on Auburn Avenue. *sniff*.

                  Oh and the Smith House in Dahlonega did fried chicken well too.

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                    We went to the Smith House a couple of months ago and were suprised that we were the only table being useed 2 couples sat with us it was a thursday nite around 6 o-clock . It was a real disapontment it was not the way I rembered it from my groing up years. there was always a wait back then and I dont remember the chicken being as saliy as it was. they always had help runing over them selfs back then not any more. we want go back ,

                  2. I can not believe no one has mentioned Son's Place over on DeKalb Avenue (or is it Decatur St--I always get those confused). It has been recognized for years as some of the best chicken in the city. (Son's Place is the re-incarnation of the late Deacon Burton's).
                    Thelma's Kitchen deserves a mention as well.

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                      Unfortunately, Son's place is closed. They had the best pan-fried chicken (although I've never been lucky enough to get to Watershed on Tuesday). Mary Mac, Colonnade, etc, is all deep fried.

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                        I heard that a while back (actually there was a show about famous ATL places now closed) and then saw when I drove that direction a couple of weeks ago. That is too bad as both Deacon's and Son's had some of the best fried chicken around. I well remember taking those not fr/ around here and having to explain "hoe cakes", collards, &c but all of them left happy.

                        Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

                    2. san francisco hound coming in for the weekend and hankering for true southern fried chicken. we still can't seem to get real southern food out here, sad to say. are there any updates on these picks, or new suggestions? thanks in advance!

                      1. The Busy Bee Cafe has rockin' chicken, and all the others are good too.

                        Busy Bee Cafe
                        810 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314