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Feb 17, 2008 06:59 PM

Ploy Thai: Yet another entry into the Elmhurst scene

Small corner storefront, green and orange awning, opposite end of the park from NY Market/ Taste Good Malaysian etc. This place caught my eye as I drove down Broadway last weekend - made a mental note to try it. Glad I did.

Bear in mind that I've only tried one dish thus far. But, if the excellent Chicken Larb (salad) I had this evening is any indication, we've got another genuine contender on our hands. It was all going on: the flavors, the crunchy texture, and, of course, the heat. Enough heat to coat my tongue and lips for an hour, giving me a breezy feeling at the same time, without dwarfing the overall experience.

This being a small place, there are only five or six tables. It could easily be mistaken, given its' layout, for a neighborhood takeout joint. Adding to this impression are the many food photos lining the wall facing the street. But it was filled up, on 7 pm on a Sunday, when I walked in, and everything looked good.

What might work for Ploy, or against it, depending on your take on things, is how similar the menu is to Chao Thai. They even appear to have used the same printer/designer. But, hey, they're both tiny joints, which means if Chao is filled to the gills, you can give Ploy a chance.

I'm certainly planning a return. (Far too many crispy pork options for me to resist).

Ploy Thai
81-40 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(take the R or V to Elmhurst Station, exit at 82nd Street)

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  1. I agree, went there for lunch. Had the papaya salad, that was nice and spicy.

    1. Also closeby and fairly new is Nusara Thai Kitchen at 82-80 Broadway (in strip mall). I had just one meal at Nusara (lunch) and it was very good. I plan to try Chao Thai & Ploy Thai. Was in the area today to pick up 50 frozen dumplings at Lao Bei Fang and decided to have lunch (first time) at Minangasli Indonesian and I'm glad that I did. Very pleasant helpful staff plus good food. I had #19 Nasi Rames Ayam Goreng Sambel Ijo (deep fried chicken marinated in fresh chilli). It came with steam rice, balado egg & jackfruit vegetables. I will most certainly return and try other dishes including the Sate Combo (lamb, chicken & beef) on a bed of rice cube.

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        As long as you mention it, and we are, after all, talking about the Thai scene, I hit Nusara this evening. Nice enough place, permeated by the smell of sweet thai tea. Atmosphere and scope of menu remind me more of Sri than, say, Ploy or Chao. I went for broke with something I've never had before, the Clay Pot Shrimp, which they advertise as one of their specialties. Shrimp in a red hot sauce, cabbage, baby corns, carrots, wrapped up in glass noodles. Not bad, what with a subtle flavor and a residual mouth heat, but I couldn't escape the feeling that, done really well, this combination of flavors and textures could have been a home run. I chased the heat with a helping of fried coconut ice cream, a light brown ball crisscrossed with strands of dark cherry sauce, topped off by a dollop of whipped cream, cherry. Again, good, but I was hoping for better, for the deep fried exterior to somehow play off the ice cream better. The food was decent enough, the menu varied enough, to warrant a second visit, though. Never did find out which table was drinking all that sweet tea....

      2. Polecat -

        Tried Ploy last night, I agree the chicken larb was very good, excellently spiced but I think you may be disappointed with their version of crispy pork. Esp. if you like how Sri or Zabb prepares it. It wasn't that crispy and didn't appear to be the same type of cut as others I've tried. It was takeout so maybe it lost some texture in transit.

        But overall, very nice addition to the Queens Thai scene, thanks for the rec!

          1. re: bigjeff

            Nice set of pix there. That squid salad is calling my name.

          2. going tonight. any recs? or, joiners?

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            1. re: bigjeff

              I keep telling them to translate their specials into english. I recommend you tell them to do so! That's how we found the miang khan that they showeed at the asian feastival -- but I'm pretty sure it's just the tip of the iceberg.

              1. re: Jeffsayyes

                cool; i will try to get recs; was looking at the flickr set above and I see a few targets already; I'm a sucker for offal soups, what can I say?