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Jan 10, 2002 10:54 AM

LA AUTO SHOW--slightly off topic/kilter

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Went to the show yesterday. There's a funny Merrill Markoe piece in the Weekly about the show. Food--forget it. It's just what you'd see at a sporting event at about the same prices. So, don't go hungry. You'd be better served gorging at the Pantry before hitting the show. That said, there are amusing things to be seen. It is amazing as Markoe points out to see how the manufacturers pander to punk and rap sensibilities in promoting some of their urban assault vehicles. Still, you can stand back from it and smirk. Plastic cars. The Mini Cooper in various guises (compare those seen here with the one being pushed down the road in the current Ikea ad). Some good freebies, e.g., the recurring plastic Beetle made from recycled lens covers, various CDs, etc.

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  1. My son and I went last Sunday (huge mistake - extremely crowded). Loved the Mini Coopers, also the Honda prototype (with the surfboards sticking out of the back window). Passed on the food - drove to Grand Central Market afterwards for humonguous carne asada burritos and chicken tacos.

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      my friend and i went on saturday (opening day - even bigger mistake). after, hit tommy's on beverly and rampart. good ending...

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        michael (mea culpa)

        The Honda was cool with the color coordinated boards. Have you noticed how the prices the staff at the show quote for prototypes and brand new models never seem to materialize in the showroom?

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          Well, one thing I did notice was that Mercedes is now selling directly its "G-Wagon", rather than having to import it through an aftermarket company in Arizona, and as a result, the price has "dropped" from $125,000 to $75,000. I think I'll get two.

      2. Good eating near the Auto Show -- where we're venturing today -- is El Colmao on Pico near Westmoreland. Great Cuban food, though not quite as good as Versailles.