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Recommendations for 3 Days in Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill

So I'm spending 3 nights in Walnut Creek just off Treat Boulevard, for work. I am looking for good non-chain eats in the area. So far I've found it tough to find much interesting, but I'm sure I'm not looking in the right places.

Any recommendations for good restaurants? Especially good Mexican or Indian restaurants? I'm from North Carolina, where neither exist, currently. Thanks!!!

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  1. For Indian, I would go with Saroor, 2580 N Main St. in Walnut Creek. Very tasty and reasonable.

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        1. Indian - Namaste in the Park 'n' Shop, Concord. One of my fave Indian restaurants, anywhere.

          Namaste Indian Cuisine
          1671 Willow Pass Rd, Concord, CA 94520

          1. for good mexican make the trip to los montanas in the park n shop strip mall in concord near todo santos square. the fish tacos are delicious, the margaritas are as big as my face and the sweet hot sauce burns so good! they also have a band on weekends.
            for good indian cuisine i generally head out to berkeley. try naan and curry or house of curries.

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              What's a sweet hot sauce bun? Is that a regional thing? New one on me.

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                that's b-u-r-n, not bun -- I think the poster is referring saying that she loves the heat of the sweet hot sauce.

            2. Indian: one of my favorites is Sargam in Walnut Creek.
              140 N Civic Dr
              Walnut Creek, CA 94596
              (925) 937-2700

              Mexican: your choices are endless, but a couple of my favorites:
              Los Panchos in Pacheco (not very far away) very very limitted seating, best for takeout but the food is very authentic and very good and pretty cheap too.

              Salsa (across from Park and shop in concord) They have great pollo de rotisserie.
              1680 Willow Pass Rd # C
              Concord, CA 94520
              (925) 687-9300

              Also pretty much any taqueria on monument blvd. would be worth stopping at.

              and La Pinata in Concord is pretty decent as well, plus they have a great tequila bar

              1. I haven't been yet, but reports of Sichuan Fortune House have been good and the chef is from one my favorite places.


                1. One block north of Treat Blvd and North Main, just opposite the freeway entrance going
                  south on to 680, there is a small strip mall. At the end of the strip mall Sunnyvale rd
                  intersects North Main, there used to be a fantastic Italian Restaurant. Not sure if it still there since it's been a long time since I've been in those parts. There are quite a few owner operated restaurants in Country Wood Shopping Center, East on Treat Blvd, at the corner of Treat and Bancroft rd.

                  Richard C. Spross

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                      Sadly there is nothing worthwhile in Country Wood except Genova's deli.

                    2. Do yourself a big favor and hop on BART and come into SF. You'll eat far better and have a far more interesting time. If you are willing to do that, I can give you a host of Mexican, Indian, and other "good restaurant" recommendations.

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                        Generally speaking, I absolutely agree that San Francisco's a much better place to eat than the Walnut Creek area, but it's not all that that strong in Mexican and Indian food. I think you might actually do just as well with those two particular cuisines in Walnut Creek / Concord.

                        If one were taking BART to find Mexican food, Fruitvale in Oakland would be the place to go.

                      2. Try Sorrento on Treat Blvd. I believe its in Concord. The Chicken Marsala is fantastic!