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Feb 17, 2008 05:12 PM

Looking for good Indian near Natick

My wife and I live in Natick and are looking for suggestions for good Indian restaurants. We tried Dakshin in Framingham (before they had health violation issues). I've tried Curry Leaf in Natick and was underwhelmed. Any other thoughts?

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  1. We really like Goldstar-- in that Framingham strip mall that has Filene's Basement and Papa Ginos -- on Rte. 30 across from the Post Office.

    1. I like Rasoi in Framingham (on Route 9).

      You might try Masala Art in Needham if you haven't already. I believe they are owned by the same people who own Curry Leaf, but I thought the food at Masala Art was better.

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        Let's talk about Rasoi. Such a strange little place! What do you like there? can you compare it to Welcome India, across the street?

        1. re: galleygirl

          I also found Rasoi to be the best of the typical Indian places when living in Natick. Our standard there was the Chicken Biryani. They also made some good lentils and the buffet is decent most of the time. Overall though I prefered Dakshin(south Indian), to bad to hear about the health code violation, eventhough I'm not sure that I'm suprised it didn't seem like the best kept place around.

          1. re: galleygirl

            Ha! "Strange little place" just about sums it up. I have not been to Welcome India (is it worth trying?) and I will tell you upfront that I cannot eat spicy food (which seems odd and yet I still like Indian food. I have it very mild, and it's still very flavorful.)

            Every time we've been to Rasoi, the dining room is nearly empty. But we've always had great service and liked everything we tried. There are only two of us so we have not had a chance to try as many dishes as we would like.

            The only thing I remember NOT liking was the chai tea. And that was it.

            1. re: taterjane

              TC and his daughter LOVE Welcome India..They are both spice-wimps, so you might, too...The flavors are pretty good, but when I told them I liked my Do Piazza spicy, they added a container of spicy sauce...Now, this was awfully nice of them, so I shouldn't question it, but it did make me wonder if all the sauces were premade?