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Feb 17, 2008 05:04 PM

Beach Pit BBQ- Tustin

I have never been to Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa. They just opened a new location in Tustin (right next door to Honda Ya) just minutes away from my office. Has anyone been to any of these locations? I haven't had a great pulled pork sandwich in a while.

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  1. I've been to the Beach Pit in Costa Mesa a fair number of times, but not recently. Food is good, but not great. It's slightly better than a Claim Jumper, and on the pricey side like Claim Jumper, too. Have pork spareribs and baby backs, but no beef ribs.

    I recall the sandwiches being good, at least for the beef brisket. My co-worker likes the pulled pork sandwich and rates it pretty highly, better than the one at Tulsa Rib.

    1. Beach Pit in Costa Mesa is less than a mile from our house. We've been a few times, but have been underwhelmed on each visit. I'd love to have seriously delicious bbq in my neighborhood, but the food is just mediocre on a good day. Wonginator is right, the prices are high for the quality. They've done good work creating a nice, relaxing environment, but they're not really delivering on the food side. Maybe the one in Tustin is better? You'll have to tell me.

      R. Jason Coulston

      1. Just got back from the Beach Pit in Tustin for lunch on Presidents' Day. Great location right behind Cream Pan (for dessert!). It's inside an old garage painted red and has cute decor. Order at the counter and then the food comes out pretty quickly with friendly service. Good choice of wine and beer as well as the usual soda/juices/teas. You can choose to sit at the 'bar' area (where there are TVs with sports) or at tables.

        We had a full rack of baby back ribs with spicy bbq sauce (split between two of us), closelaw and potato salad and two kids meals (chicken drumsticks and mac 'n' cheese). Everyone was happy. Ribs were juicy and the sauce delicious with a good kick. The only thing that underwhelmed me were the fries. Just average. Next time I'll try the sweet potato fries - they looked great, as did the salads which were huge and fresh.

        I'm thrilled this place is in Tustin - quick, clean, delicious, and for $40 for a family of 4 including a glass of wine and a beer, not bad value at all.

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        1. re: ausfrench

          have you been to tulsa rib co in tustin?

          insanely tender. just insane.

          1. re: ns1

            That's our next stop - it's right by the swimming pool where my kids have lessons - will try to order the same thing at Tulsa this week and then report back!

            1. re: ausfrench

              onion rings are huge, don't go overboard. baby back ribs and beef ribs are great. enjoy ;)

              1. re: ns1

                We went to Tulsa Rib tonight in Orange. Same family, same order as on Monday at Beach Pit Tustin. We had the Rib Combo platter for 2 with sides and BBQ chicken for the kids. They don't offer mac'n'cheese, so we chose baked potato and it was delicious. The coleslaw didn't even come close to Beach Pit. Theirs is the best I've had. The creamed corn at Tulsa kind of grossed me out. Anyway - the ribs. The smoked baby backs were our favorite and were fantastic - meaty and tender. But the sauce wasn't anywhere near as good as at Beach Pit. The BBQ chicken at Tulsa was better too, but again, I thought the sauce let it down. Plus the price - $63 plus tip! Ok, so you get friendly table service at Tulsa and it's order at the counter at Beach Pit Tustin. But for a full $20 less, Beach Pit Tustin gets my family's vote!

                1. re: ausfrench

                  ausfrench, glad to read your comparison of Beach Pit and Tulsa Rib. While I think Tulsa Rib has the best beef ribs (which Beach Pit doesn't offer, at least at the Costa Mesa location), their sides have never really thrilled me.

                  Since you've been hitting nearby BBQ places, have you tried Joey's Smokin' BBQ at the Tustin marketplace? Just curious to see how you and your family would rate that place compared to Beach Pit and Tulsa Rib.

                  Joey's Smokin BBQ
                  2933 El, Camino Real Tustin, CA

                  1. re: Wonginator


                    For me I would go back in this order:
                    Beach Pit
                    Tulsa Rib

                    Tulsa has the best ribs, Beach Pit the best sides and spicy sauce, and Joey's is overall fine and good value for money. If I was hungry and driving past, I would certainly stop for any of them over 90% of the chain trash found in OC!

        2. Hey cdmedici,

          We decided to try out Beach Pit Tustin thanks to your post, and we're always looking for a good BBQ place. :)

          Sadly, Beach Pit BBQ in Tustin was average at best. We tried:

          * Baby Back Ribs: It was ~Ok. Nothing special, and Tulsa Rib in Orange does a much better job (with more tender meat, better flavors and seasonings). The meat was kinda tough (overcooked).

          * Pork Spareribs: Definitely juicier and better tasting, IMHO, than their Baby Backs. But the level of smokiness and flavor combination was just ~Ok.

          * Pulled Pork: Disappointing. Tulsa Rib was definitely better, but the best places are in LA.

          The Mac & Cheese side was sufficient, nothing amazing, but not bad. Their Fried Okra was tasty, though, and probably our favorite item of the night.

          Overall, we'd rather go back to Tulsa Rib in Orange if we're in the OC, or if we're in LA, Jaybee's for their pulled pork, or Baby Blues for the ribs. Still have to try Boneyard Bistro one of these days. :)

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          1. re: exilekiss

            "average at best" is a nearly perfect definition of Beach Pit . . . at least the Costa Mesa version. It sounds like the alternate location is just as mediocre. I always root for the local business, but what are you going to do?

            R. Jason Coulston

          2. As a long time Tustin resident and Q affecionado I was delighted when Beach Bit opened. At last, I thought, that there might be a good BBQ joint in my own back yard. Maybe one day, but Beach Pit ain't it. The bland, greasy food served here is a far cry from anything resembling real BBQ. Disappointing and overpriced is the best I can say for this place.