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Feb 17, 2008 05:01 PM

Myrna's Cafe- Blue Bell?

Pased this restaurant yesterday late (10:30 PM) and it appeared to be shut down (dumpster next to restaurant in parking lot). If true, what happened- we'd been there a few times and it was pretty good?

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  1. Closed for 10 days to two weeks. Sprinkler system froze up and went off, dumping lots of water on the dining room, says the owner.

    1. just updating this as it is an old discussion yet still came up when I googled it. I have been there several times though not as far back as these reviews so perhaps it has changed because my experiences are vastly different.

      We had several good meals there - one on a busy Saturday night but three other times (over the course of two years) that we really liked. The only reason I saw this review was that I searching for their website to make a reservation for my father's bday dinner (his choice) and came across these reviews. Admittedly, I was surprised but then I realized the dates were years ago. So ... as of this writing, I would give this place a thumbs up. Maybe I'll change after going tonight but I would write this off to "old management" or "in the past" as it doesn't reflect my current experiences. But ... if I do have a bad meal tonight, I'll come back and enter my comments!

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      1. Perhaps the majority of Mirna-goers preferred their Jenkintown restaurant with the same name instead

        I just noticed that this link is over 5 years old. Very confusing to list this when this is 5 year old information.
        Disregard my former sentence.