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Feb 17, 2008 04:36 PM

Zojirushi Rice cooker- ok in Australia ?

Hi Chowhounds,
I am trying to buy one of these rice cookers, and am prepared to ship it from USA to Australia. Does anyone know if there is any problem with the voltage ?
I have no idea about these things, I just thought I could buy an adapter plug and away I go !
The reason I ask is I rang their Osaka, Japan head office and the person there told me they werent licensed to sell it in Australia and something about a variation in ours and their power supply.
Very confusing.
I don't want to spend $180 if it's going to blow up, not work etc etc.
Any advice ??

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  1. I think you are out of luck there. The USA/Canada model is 120V/60hz model, Australia is 230V/50hz I believe.

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      Bummer..guess I'll be posting a " what is the next best brand after Zojirushi" question !!
      Thanks for the tip...would have been a disaster if I bought one !

    2. Are you in the States or in Australia? I am assuming that you are in Australia. Are you in Sydney or Melbourne with a large Chinese population? Have you tried the houseware stores in Chinatown? Zojirushi is very popular with Chinese people. And the houseware stores may sell them even though they are not officially licensed to be sold there.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. There are Zojirushi models that will work on Australian domestic power, but these are obviously not the 110 Volt models.

          Zojirushi do make rice cookers that are 220-230 Volts, and I have one which I bought in Japan and am using it in Melbourne.

          I was so pleased with mine, I had to buy another Zojirushi rice cooker for my mom so that she too could enjoy rice cooked to perfection. After some searching, I found that I could buy one via mail order from Singapore using eBay.

          I found this eBay store would ship to Australia and it arrived exactly 9 days after it was shipped.

          No affiliation, just a totally satisified customer.