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Feb 17, 2008 04:25 PM

Wedding caterer in Pittsburgh?

We are a Boston-based couple planning a wedding in Pittsburgh this coming fall. Does anyone have any recommendations for good quality caterers in the Pittsburgh area? Your help is very much appreciated.


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  1. Do you have a venue? How much do you want to spend per person?

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    1. re: grapevine

      We don't have a venue yet, which would limit our choices since most only work with a few exclusive caterers. In the $100/125 per head range, although this is flexible.

    2. rania's, fluted mushroom, yes we cater. I've been at events with those three caterers and they do excellent work

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      1. re: yammers

        This is good to hear, since Rania's is on the exclusive list of several of our possible venues. Are there any caterers I should avoid at all costs?


        This is an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about Rania Harris catering her own daughter's wedding. She did something for our family last year that was outstanding.

        The best wedding food that I have ever has is from the Common Plea, I am not sure if they are on your list of vendors.

        1. have you considered michael lench? he catered an event for me and the food was fantastic. his staff was easy to reach and the menu offerings were extensive. our guests raved about the food for months afterward.

          1. Jill,
            I am not sure it is within your budget, but Bob Sendall of All in Good Taste Catering is excellent. He also rents out his home, a former neighborhood grocery store for events, and it is beautiful.
            Best of luck