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Feb 17, 2008 04:24 PM

New to Kansas City

I am new to KC from Oklahoma and I am looking for the best places to eat, go out etc. Most importantly I need to find a good coffeehouse with some talented baristas who know what they are doing. Hopefully there will be one on the plaza or south of it for my convenience. Also any good wine bars. I look very forward to hearing what you have to say.

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  1. Welcome to KC.

    When I was a student at UMKC (just a few blocks south of the Plaza) I always went to Muddy's. Haven't been there for a while, so I can't speak to their current state of affairs, but I always enjoyed it. Muddy's is basically at 51st and Oak. There is also a pretty good pizza place (Pizza 51) and chinese (Kin Lin) as neighbors.

    for Coffee in Westport and what I consider the best in the city:

    coffee in Brookside which many people also love:

    JP Wine Bar is great. It's in the downtown/Crossroads area

    1. Welcome and I second all of the recommendations from dtma. The Roasterie is my favorite coffee shop, best coffee in town. Check out their clover it makes the best cup in town You should also check out boozefish wine bar. Its kind of a hole in the wall but its real laid back and fun.

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        There's been a running topic on Midwest coffeehouses ( It includes some KC places.

        How about that futuristic-looking place around 63rd & Wornall? Have any of you been there?

      2. Everyone needs their coffee. I believe that would be the roasterie but its at 63 and brookside blvd.

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          OK, thank you, Judy and jdl98. I believe I've found my future hangout.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Not that those two coffee shops are bad, there are many more out there that are wonderful. My personal top ten list:

            1. YJ’s Snack Bar
            2. The Crave Café
            3. Espresso dell’Anatra
            4. You Say Tomato
            5. Toto’s Coffee
            6. Parkville Coffee & Fudge
            7. Eddie Delahunt’s Cafe &
            8. Broadway Cafe
            9. Soho Coffee
            10. Room 39

            (as further explained here: )