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Feb 17, 2008 04:20 PM

I am going to Philly

I am want to know whats the best place to go in Reading Terminal Market (I love the orginal turkey!)

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  1. DiNics for Roast Pork
    Dutch Eating Place for Breakfast
    The Amish Stand for Soft Pretzels

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    1. re: saturninus

      I wholeheartedly second those three. I have the pancakes weekly (yikes!) at the Dutch Eating Place, the roast pork most weeks, and the pretzels now and then. You can go wrong with none of these.

      The second tier (if you will) might include pastries from Termini's, especially the Nirvana and Almond Souce, gyros from Olympic, and cinnamon buns from Beiler's. You may or may not like these as much as I do.

      1. re: saturninus

        i absolutely love those soft pretzels, and the root beer floats from the same stand to boot. YUM.

        i also really enjoy the smoothie stand. i always get something along the lines of carrot + banana + strawberry and then whatever else suits my fancy. i feel so energized for....... more shopping and eating!!!

        not food, but i gotta say i love terralyn's soaps - recently went from a lil table to a full sized stand. i adore the $2 random soap pieces balls.

        and i do nearly 100% of my grocery shopping between two opposite corners in the RTM; iovine's for produce & nuts/snacks, the amish corner for butter, cheese, other dairy. yum.

      2. Just to experience sitting at a 100 year old ice cream counter, go to Bassett's. The ice cream isn't as good as it once was when they made it but, it's good nonetheless.

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        1. re: cheesewit

          Sp'lain, pleeyuz! Bassett's "isn't as good as it once was when they made it?"
          Has another local icon sold out to budget market crapola? I thought they were still excellent (as of two years ago when I last sat at the counter.)


          1. re: Chefpaulo

            Since 1989, their ice cream has been manufactured in Johnstown, PA by the Galliker Dairy Company.

            1. re: cheesewit

              Whoever makes it, I love love love the pumpkin ice cream at Bassett's. If that sounds scrumptious to you, be sure to ask even if you don't see it listed on their flavor board.

              1. re: spyturtle008

                Sssh! They still have some pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream left (or they did a few weeks ago). They also have darned good peanut buttter ice cream too.