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Corner Kitchen - Asheville

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We tried Corner Kitchen on Saturday night. My two cents:

After spending a day hiking in Smoky Mountain National Park, we returned to Asheville to try Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village for the first time. Heard good things, liked the changing menu concept, and love restaurants situated in old houses.

We had reservations for 8pm and were seated promptly at 8pm. It was just the wife and I; we were seated upstairs at a small table for two near a front window. It was very romantic and seemed like a good idea at the time... only thing was we were alone in the room. Now, that is not necessarily bad - we smiled about it at first. But we like atmosphere and being around other people - after a while it became weird. It was just too quiet and a bit odd. We have no feel for the warmth and pulse of this place because we were shut away from every other diner. It sounded like people were having fun in other rooms..

As for the food, there was some good and some misses. The corn and crab chowder was tasty, with a rich, smooth texture and bits of crab and corn throughout. The corn-fried oysters were decent - the sauces were nice, but the oysters themselves were bland.

For entrees, my wife had a tomato glazed yellowfin tuna with herb parmesan polenta and zucchini "fettucini". This was quite good. The tuna was cooked perfectly at medium rare, and had a great seasoning - we didn't taste tomato, but the fish was high quality and really flavorful. The polenta was good, and the zucchini was nice.

I had a miss. The menu had lots of great options, but for some reason I wasn't feeling many of them. I had eaten fish a few times this week, didn't want steak, and wasn't big for the pork chops. After hemming and hawing, I went with the three-meat meatloaf with cheddar grits and collard greens. As for meatloaf at home - I love it. As for meatloaf at Corner Kitchen... this stunk. Honestly, the texture was gelatin-like, with a slight metallic taste. The three meats were pork, sirloin, and veal. Not sure what made the metallic taste, but it was there and it was bad. The grits and collards were good though...

We had a nice Pinot Noir, two apps, two entree's and the bill was $92 plus tip.

The place is nice, and has great creativity in the menu. I obviously will not order meatloaf there ever again, but will probably give this place another shot. Right now I would say I liked it, not loved it. We didn't leave raving about it, or aching for a return. It will probably be a while before we return...

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  1. We had dinner Sat night also and really did enjoy ourselves. We were downstairs and even coming in late, they were very busy. Lady Wino had the salmon and I went with the beef. They finally added more wines to the list. Still have a few gro. store wines but they are moving in the right direction. The Sauvignon Blanc's could use some work. Maybe add a Voss or Honig to the selections. A New Zealand SB would also be nice to see. The Red's by the glass could use a little help, maybe something a little bigger for those who don't mine paying a few more dollars for something to enjoy the beef with. Over all, a solid experience. the staff is well trained and helpfull.