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Feb 17, 2008 03:32 PM

Alberta resturants

Are there any resturants in Alberta that automatically tack on a 18% gratuity on to the bill if you are in a small group (less than 6)? For example, does Capo do this ?

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  1. I am only aware of two.
    The first is an Italian restaurant on the east side of Highway 2 in Airdrie. They are just north of the GM & Chrysler dealerships. They add in a 15% tip and then if you pay by credit card they leave the tip line open so you tip twice. I caught them doing this and have never been back.
    The second one is a restaurant in Red Deer near the NE corner of Gaetz and 67th. I paid cash and left a tip. When I was doing my expense report I saw it. I haven't been back there either.
    dean in Canada

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      Any those of the listed resturants on the red deer thread?

      how much was the automatic gratuity on the last one?

    2. I was really surprised when Rouge in Calgary did this. The menu stated that an 18% gratuity would be added to any group of 8 or more...and then when we got the bill, it was already added on ours as well, and it was just the two of us for dinner.

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        Did you ask them why they did that or did you just leave it at that?

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          I did comment to the hostess as we were leaving that it left a bad taste in my mouth, because nowhere was it stated in writing and nothing was said in person, and I would think there are a lot of people who don't pay particular attention and just add a tip and pay, as we almost did, which would have meant we would have tipped 38% which to my mind is excessive. Actually, I guess it would have been more than that, because I would have been tipping on the already included gratuity as well. She only shrugged and smiled.

      2. I thought it was 15% for groups of 8 or more. When did it become 18%? Or is that just at high end places?

        I've never seen any place in Alberta do it for just 2. Capo didn't do it any time I've been there, for 2 or 4. Although I usually tip 20% unless I'm peeved about something service related.

        1. I think when I took the family out for brunch at the rotating restaurant atop the Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton a tip was automatically included. We were 6 and it was a buffet - actually a good buffet. But I do remember that when I booked the table, I was told the prices - one price for adults, one for kids under 10 or 12 and one for seniors - and that there would be a 10% tip added to what were not cheap prices. But I have to say the service was good -- coffee, tea and fresh-squeezed juice refilled many times, etc. And I also understand that many people do not tip at a buffet, so I thought this was reasonable. And my Dad, who in his dotage is quite cheap, actually left an extra tip on the table too.

          The other thing I have noticed in some nicer restaurants is a line on the bottom of the computer print out that autormatically calculates the tip to amounts like 15%, 20%. I actually thought that was clever.

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