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Feb 17, 2008 03:05 PM

High fructose-free sweet pickles?

Does anyone have a brand to recommend, or a recipe? I truly cannot live a happy life without sweet pickles, but I need to get rid of the HFCS. TIA. So far my search has come up empty.....

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  1. Bubbie's! not sure if they're available everywhere.

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    1. re: cookie monster

      Wickles are good sweet pickles. Or look for something locally made.
      I too have a pet peeve about the pervasiveness of HFCS.

      (Bubbie's are sour pickles)

      1. re: NYchowcook

        Bubbie's also makes bread & butter pickles (which to me at least are sweet pickles). I have a jar in my fridge right now.

    2. Mt Olive makes sugar free (splenda sweetened) sweet pickles.

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      1. re: Mellicita

        Thanks, all- I forgot to mention that I don't do artificial sweeteners. Yeah, yeah, I know....high maintenance.

        1. re: powella

          Sorry, I didn't know if your approach was "low carb" or "all natural."

          I have not tried this recipe, but Alton Brown has a recipe for refrigerator bread and butter pickles

      2. I just looked on my Wickles jar and it lists "sugar" as its second ingredient. I absolutely love these pickles. I'm not much of a sweet pickle fan, but these are exceptional. They are slightly spicy too. Yum. If you have a Publix close by, they carry them. They also have a website:

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          Thanks, Sheilal! I used to live in South Florida, but alas, no longer, so no Publix near me. However, am meeting a dear friend this weekend who DOES live across the street from a Publix. I may have to make a special request for some Wickles.