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Feb 17, 2008 02:57 PM

Mami Nora's Rotisserie Chicken, Durham, NC

After getting the tip here on CH and reading about this place in the paper, I decided to try it out. It's location near Compare Foods and Roxboro Rd, makes it convenient for shopping as well as putting it the company of a couple fine taquerias.

All in all, this place presents something new--charcoal-cooked rotisserie chicken--that's a step above similar offerings but not necessarily worth a trip alone.

I shared a whole chicken with my friend for $12. Each meal, regardless of size, comes with two sides. We also received two small bowls of chicken-and-vegetable soup comped. The chicken is well seasoned and the charcoal flavor just barely comes through. Grilled chicken this isn't, however, so don't expect tons of smoke and char. The skin wasn't quite crisp, probably due largely to the heavy marinade, but all in all it's a satisfying experience. With a couple bottled drinks, the total for two was $15 and change. Quite cheap for a filling meal.

Sides were standard issue. Not a total waste but not great either. Yucca tasted like it had been fired off long ago but not seasoned. Therefore they were heavy and a bit bland. Sweet plantains were a bit better, skirting that fine line between sugary and starchy.

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  1. I have eaten there twice already. I think the food is excellent for what is basically fast food. The plantains are very good.

    1. This place has the best rotisserie chicken I've ever tasted. The seasonings is generously rubbed into every nook and cranny under the skin as well as all over the exterior. The charcoal fired rotisserie definitely makes a positive difference in flavor. I too had the fried plaintains and they were caramely sweet (I was somewhat good as my other side was a salad-- which was passable). We were given a complimentary bowl of soup that had chicken, rice, carrots and celery in it. Quite good, definitely homemade. I asked the owner to recommend a drink authentic to Peru and he suggested a purple corn drink that came in a bottle that looked like Snapple-- but tasted way better. It was kind of like the Mexican drink jamaica but stronger in flavor. It was made with purple corn, cane sugar, pinapple juice, cloves and cinnamon. Yummy!

      Prices are $4.99 for 1/4 chicken, $6.99 for 1/2, and $11.99 for whole and it comes with a choice of two sides. They had a few interesting looking desserts but I didn't try any this time.

      The only negative thing I have to say is that their only entree offering is the roast chicken so if you go there that better be what you are in the mood for. It'd be great if they stuck a lamb leg onto a couple of the empty spits.

      This place definitely is going on the "keeper" list. This place deserves our patronage. I hope it makes it.

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        I really hope this place makes it too. It's the best rotisserie chicken I've tasted in my LIFE, and the prices make it an absolute steal. I've tried rotisserie chickens high and low, from the tropical rubs of S. Florida, to the Mexican styles of Bay Area California, to the Greek flavorings of Olde Town in Charleston, SC...and this beats them all by a mile.

        I love getting the chicken with plantains and black beans. The plantains are especially delicious. It's amazing the amount of food one gets for $7 there. I usually have leftovers. wow...I think I just figured out what I'm getting for dinner tonight.

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          Mami Nora's Chicken
          302 Davidson Ave, Durham, NC 27704

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            Have to agree with the posters above....I've been about 5 times in the last month abd it has become one of my favorites....great chicken and I love their rice, black beans and plantains. I do worry about them making it as it has not been crowded when I come for lunch. If this place was in the park, there would be a line out the door. Check it out....soon!

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              Okay, all you chowhounders - if you haven't tried this place, but don't want to eat in, grab a couple of birds to go. I had a dinner party not too long ago and was suddenly afraid I didn't have enough meat, so I picked up a couple of birds and cut them up myself later on. Big hit at the party. Maybe someone should tell them that it's their location keeping them back. No one seems to know it's there, but I'm guessing their rent is less than if it were in the park. We don't want everything in the park, but some place a little more conspicuous would probably help.