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Feb 17, 2008 02:32 PM

Take Out Dim Sum Oakland

Went to Oakland Chinatown today to buy some har gow. Tried Tao Yin (?) on Franklin. Wasn't how I remembered it - very thick wrappers, very gooey, more wrapper than shrimp. Any suggestions on good Take Out Dim Sum Oakland or San Francisco. We usually go to (I don't know the name of the actual store) but it has "Good Luck Dim Sum" on the Window - it's on Stockton. Thanks!

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  1. I think there's been a few posts on this topic. The consensus was Delicious Foods Company. What I really like though, is their morning Jook special for $2.35.

    Delicious Foods
    734 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94607

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      Thanks - I did a search but all I could find was information on Dim Sum restaurants. I will check out Delicious Foods next Sunday - my daughter has a class in the area and I have some time to kill while I wait.

    2. You can order dim sum for take out directly from the host(ess) at Joy Luck, a few doors down from Delicious Foods. I have not done so for a while, but I often see people doing so when I am there. All the regular items are about $1.80 for a good serving (e.g. har gow should be 4 moderately sized dumplings). Over the past several months, my impression is that their quality has been on an upswing. That said, a lot of items, including har gow, are to me not nearly as good taken out. I find the shrimp forcemeat items there to be quite good.

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        Haha my little is usually so famished after her class, last week the har gow didn't even make it home! I am looking forward to trying everyone's suggestions!

      2. Most dim sum houses will put together an order to go for you. Naturally, quality will suffer if you don't eat it right away, but your favorites from a decent restaurant should hold up until you reheat or eat in the car.